Wednesday, April 28, 2010

AMMO After Dark

I know this product says After Dark but I am drinking this in the morning to truly test the energy effects.  I hope my body doesn't freak out because I am drinking it the wrong time of day...... On to the review.

The Look: Ammo After Dark comes at us in a slick 1 oz container.   This package has some really good things going for it.  First on the front we have a nice lightning background with the name, AMMO vertically centered.  Just in case someone was unsure of what this products does it even says  Energy Shot underneath it as well.  Turning it around there is a bit of nutritional information as well as a measuring system for caffeine.  I love this idea you can see how much caffeine you are adding to your drink, all the way up to 171mg of caffeine. 
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  On the side it says add to your favorite drink.  I wanted to test the flavor without being altered so I decided to try it just adding water.  I mixed it with about 12 oz of cold water.  Mixing was easy I just added the shot to the glass and then filled the glass with water.  This stuff taste like Kool Aid or something (just not overly sweet like Kool Aid).  There is no carbonation to this shot (unless what you are mixing it with is carbonated) so this stuff can be chugged if you want.  I really like the taste of this stuff there is no caffeine taste at all.  I am not usually a big raspberry fan but this stuff is awesome.
(8.5 out of 10)

How Does It Work:  I drank the mix I made in about 3 or 4 minutes.  About 10 minutes or so after drinking it I started to wake up slowly.  AMMO After Dark gave me a nice boost from the 171mg of caffeine that really helped me get going this morning.  The bottle itself only has 25 calories and 7g of sugar.  So if you mix this with something else low sugar and low calories you have a pretty healthy energy drink on your hands.  It also looks like this stuff is powered by B12, L-Arginine, and a couple other things as well.  Nothing crazy over the top here but this is a great mild energy boost.
(8 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  The possibilities are endless to what you can mix this stuff with.  Anything you think would taste good with a light blue raspberry taste just open and mix.  Also if you are of age, this stuff makes a killer alcohol mixer.  AMMO comes in very convenient little container that you can take anywhere.  For those sensitive to caffeine you can choose exactly how much caffeine you want to add to your drink.  Check AMMO out on the web at: Drink Ammo.  This is an innovative product that gets my seal of approval and I highly recommend checking it out.


Christie said...

This is great to add to most anything. I tried it with a diet sprite.
I was aple to have a good lil jolt of energy.
I liked that I was able to control the amount of caffeine desired.

This was shared with co workers and was a great hit.

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