Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beaver Buzz Green Melon

Today I am lucky to get my hands on a energy drink from Canada, Beaver Buzz.  Let's see what Canada has to offer in terms of energy drinks. 

The Look:  I like the simplistic nature of this can.  It is not cluttered and just has a nice look and theme to it.  The can is green (to represent the flavor Green Melon) with a picture of a beaver on the front (that is one scary beaver too).  Underneath the graphic of the beaver we get my favorite part of the can, the slogan "Dam Good".  I really like the tie in of the slogan with the name of the drink, it is "dam" funny.  On the flipside of the can we get the usual nutritional information and caffeine warnings in English and French. 
(8/10) on packaging, it was a 7.5 but I really like the slogan........

Taste:  The flavor is suppose to be Green Melon, let's open it up and see.  I forgot to put my drink in the 'fridge last night so I decided to pour it over ice this morning to avoid waiting.  As I am pouring it over the ice I get a wonderful candy melon scent.  This is a very sweet drink with a good fake melon taste and very little carbonation.  There is no caffeine bitterness and no aftertaste.  I think this is a "dam" good drink, flavor wise.
(7.5/10) on taste

Does It Work:  I like that they list the amount of everything on the can on the back.  Beaver Buzz is powered by 240 calories, 58g of sugar, 200mg of caffeine, 2040mg of taurine, 428mg of ginseng, and quite a few vitamins.  After drinking it I get a "dam" nice increase in alertness and it woke me up out of my morning daze.  Nothing over the top but it is slightly better than the big name drinks in America (Monster, Rockstar, etc). 
(7.5/10) on kick

Final Thoughts:  If this drink was readily available in the US I would buy it without hesitation. They have a nice website:  Beaverbuzz where you can read information about the products and even order some for yourself.  If you get the chance you should give this stuff a try.  I give this drink my "dam" seal of approval (sorry I couldn't resist one more "dam" reference).


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