Monday, April 19, 2010

Crunk Energy (Original)

Monday mornings, oh how I love thee..../end sarcasm.  This morning I am excited to get to review the original flavor of Crunk.  The company was nice enough to hook me up with this sample and I am excited to try it.  It's time to get Crunk this morning.

The Look:  I love the look of this can.  It is filled with all kinds of information about the product and it just cries for attention.  Just while I was drinking it this morning, I had several people ask me about it.  The can is a orange/red collor with black lettering bordered by a white outline.  In big letters covering a big portion of the can we get the name of the drink, Crunk.  In a smaller font we get an excellent slogan, "Get Crunk".  Turning the can around there is the usual nutritional information along with their web address and some SMS promotion.  This is how to design a can, thumbs way up here.
(8.5/10) on packaging.

Taste:   All the other flavors have the flavor listed above the word Crunk.  The only indication of flavor on this drink is under Crunk it says "contains real pomegranate juice".   I open it up and take my first drink.  Wow, Crunk really put some time into making this taste excellent.  There is a nice berry taste here, which I am assuming is the pomegranate.  This tasted so good I wanted to share it, but it also tasted so good I decided to be greedy and drink it all.  If all the flavors taste this good, I might of found one of my new favorite drinks.  There is absolutely no caffeine bitterness or aftertaste. 
(9/10) on taste

Does It Work:  Powering this can we get 240 calories, 58 grams of sugar, 200mg of caffeine, and more vitamins and herbs than I thought possible to fit into a can.  After drinking this down I got a great energy boost here and a big grin on my face.  I have never had a drink put me in such a great mood.  This isn't a hardcore energy drink but it is no slacker either.  There is easily a good 4-5 hours of energy included with this along with a big mood boost. 
(9/10) on kick

Final Thoughts:  This drink has impressed me a bunch.  They have awesome packaging, a fantastic taste, and a kick that is way above average.  If you run across these anywhere, don't hesitate...just buy it.  You can thank me later!  I would drink this again without hesitation.  I rank this among my top 10 overall energy drinks I have ever had.  I can't wait to get Crunk again this week!  You can check them out on the web at : Crunk Energy!


Blondie said...

I tried Crunk today and i will have to say i think it did it's job well. What i really liked about it was there wasn't a huge crash after the drink wears off. Would i drink this one again? YES! Now my next question is where can i purchase one? I have never seen one around here.

Christie said...

WOW what can I say, I don't think this company knows anything but good energy and great taste.

Great Buzz -

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