Thursday, April 22, 2010

Encaff Energy Stix

I have to admit after my last review of a powdered caffeine product I am less than enthused to try another.  My love for caffeine and energy takes over though and here is my review for your reading pleasure.

The Look:  Encaff Energy Stix come in two different size packs.  You can get a single pack with just one pouch or you can get a double with two pouches.  I really like the tongue with the powder being poured on it that is used on the package.  It kind of reminds me of the Rolling Stones emblem.  Now on to the actual package that contains the powder.  In a yellow font on the front we get the name of the product, Energy Stix.  Under that there is a nice little slogan, "...the Next Generation of Energy!".  I like the slogan here I think it works pretty well.  I wish they would of put that little "Rolling Stones" tongue on this package too but then again there is not a bunch of room here.  I think with the room available the right things were put on here.  Flipping the package over there is directions, an ingredient list, and some contact information.  If you want the nutritional information it is on the cardboard container they come in.
(8.5/10) on packaging (bumped it up because the portability factors is a huge plus)

Taste: This is the part where I am scared because of my Nixie Tube Review.  Time to rip open one of the ends of the package and see how it taste.  The flavor of these is labeled as black cherry and that is a pretty good description.  After I poured some in my mouth I waited and waited for that caffeine taste.  Wow, they have actually covered up 95% of the caffeine taste here.  There is a very slight aftertaste but honestly it is not bad at all.  I shared a few packages with coworkers and friends and they all had the same reaction to the taste, WOW.  To be able to cover up 75mg of caffeine in such a small container is impressive! Good job Encaff!
(9/10) on Taste

Does It Work: This is powered by 75mg of caffeine per stick and 3g of sugar.  Basically one of these is on par with the majority of 8oz energy drinks on the market.  If you are extremely sensitive to caffeine have one stick and if you require more then take two.  I usually drink 16oz energy drinks so I decided to take two of these.  Very shortly after taking these down I got hit with a great buzz here.  This stuff doesn't have to make a lot of stops like drinks so it is in your system QUICK.  I had a great caffeine high for over 4 hours with no crash.  If you want energy fast this stuff delivers.  Other people I gave a few samples to just had one and seemed pretty impressed as well. 
One package - (7.5/10)  on Kick
Two packages - (9/10)  on Kick

Final Thoughts: Ok this product made me a believer that caffeinated pixie stix can work.  I threw a couple of these in my car for when I need a quick caffeine jolt.  I also got a couple stashed in my desk at work for when I need to wake up quickly.  These things have so many great uses because of their portability and speed at which they work.  They are also low calorie and low carb so they don't add to the waistline.  The girls that I had sample these said they loved them because they didn't have to consume 8 or 16 oz of liquid and because of the 10 calories per stick.  You can find information about Encaff as well as purchase some at: Encaff Energy.  Some convenience stores sell them as well so be on the look out.  I would use this product again and recommend if you run across them to buy some.

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Mindy said...

I really liked this product. I'm not big on drinking energy drinks so I really liked this Energy stix. It was like a berry pixie stick. I enjoyed the taste and would definately use this product again.

Blondie said...

I think this is one of the best energy products i have ever tasted. Not to mention if you want the energy pick me up without all of the calories and surgars then this is the best way. Only 10 calories!!! WOW is all i can say.

Kiva said...

Quite tasty and very portable

gigi said...

hmm never even heard of them before, im not real big on energy product, but i sure did like pixie sticks, gotta try em haha

Kim said...

I am a fan of Encaff Energy! I recently purchased a package and tried them out and loved it! It reminds me of Pixie Stix with an energy boost! I actually wrote a review on my blog. Be sure to check it out at the link below!

Christie said...

Great Travel Size = Great taste Love 100%

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