Saturday, April 10, 2010


I was excited when Thinkgeek introduced these.  I love caffeinated novelty products.  What a great concept take a Nerd and coat it in caffeine.

The Look: These have a nice little package.  It says caffeinated right above the product name.  On the back it list it's ingredients, the amount of caffeine, and even their website.  I think they could of done a little bit more on the packaging but it still looks nice (just a little plain).
(6.5/10) on packaging

Taste:  There are 2 different flavors currently available.  Strawberry and Lemonade.  The lemonade is my favorite of the two but the strawberry is good as well.  When you first put them in your mouth the flavor is a little bland but that changes as soon as you bite into them.  There is no caffeine after taste from them at all.  Once you start chewing them it taste just like a nerd, you would never know there was caffeine in there unless someone told you.
(8/10) on taste

Does It Work: So how do these perform on kick?  Not bad.  There is 100mg of caffeine per container.   It is very easy to eat these in one sitting.  The kick is nothing spectacular but it is a nice little jolt of energy.  I find these are great for a afternoon caffeine jolt.
(6.5/10) on kick.

Final Thoughts:  I like these little candies quite a bit.  I would not recommend them for a morning caffeine injection, but they are a nice little pick me up.  If you happen to swing by Thinkgeek, give them a try for yourself.  I would easily eat these again.


White Lotus said...

I found these rather bland tastewise, but I still ate one after another. High addictivity!

Christie said...

Strawberry ones are great!
I do agree with earlier post – highly addictive – you can’t just have a few & forget sharing a pack. You want more even though a container is packed w/100 mg of caffeine.

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