Saturday, April 24, 2010

HyDrive Grape Fusion (Recovery)

After a long night of Jager bombs and other alcohol that I don't remember, I need something to wake me up and help recover this morning.  Luckily I had a HyDrive Recovery in my stash so I decided today would be a great day to put it to the test.

The Look:  This drink comes in a slim 15.5 oz container which makes it perfect for holding.  Not so great for cup holders but great for drinking.  The company name is in the middle with it's purpose underneath. This one has a R for Recovery formula.  On the reverse side same old nutritional information as well has a little bit about the purpose of the recovery formula.  I like this container it is very informative about the drink without clutter.
(8 out of 10) on packaging

Taste: The flavor of recovery is grape.   It is very light tasting which is nice since my stomach isn't doing so great this morning.  There is no carbonation either which is another plus first thing in the morning with a hangover.  Great taste that is gentle on the stomach!
(8.5 out of 10) on taste

Does It Work:  I chose this drink because I wasn't doing so hot this morning.  There is only 30 calories in the bottle along with 6g of sugar.  Powering this stuff is 145mg of caffeine, 50 mg of taurine, 50 mg of aloe vera, 3mg of acai extract, 25mg of l-carnitine, and a bunch of vitamins.  Wow they really put a lot of stuff in this bottle I am impressed.  The most important thing I want to note about this is it stayed down.  Not everything stayed in my stomach this morning.  After drinking this I was perked up and feeling so much better.  The blend in here really helped me out this morning.
(9 out of 10) for the intended purpose

Overall Thoughts:  I am very happy I chose to have a Hydrive Recovery this morning.  I don't think the majority of the energy drinks on the market would of treated me well today.  This should be a drink in everyone's "day after heavy drinking kit".  You can pick it up at a good number of gas stations and they also have a website at : HyDrive Energy.  This is a great drink to have around and I highly suggest to try one.  Even if not used as a hangover cure this drink is good, really good.  I am looking forward to my next sampling of HyDrive already.


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