Sunday, April 18, 2010

IroncClad Black & Blue

Today I am reviewing a Black & Blue Blend Ironclad that the company sent me a sample of.  Let's get straight to the review today.

The Look:  They went with a silver can here with black, blue, and white lettering.  On the back as is usual, we get the nutritional information as well as a short description about the company.  They also tell about their promotion going where you can collect the tabs off the can and exchange them for some gear.  Pretty nice can here.
(7.5/10) on Packaging

Taste:  So how does the drink taste?  I open it up and am greeted with a very nice blueberry scent.  Unfortunately the scent was the best part here.  The drink has a very fake blueberry taste with no sweetness to it.   It is a sugar free drink and sadly it tasted like a sugar free drink.  This drink was not bad, it just wasn't something that I really enjoyed.
(5.5/10) on Taste

Does It Work: This drink is powered by 154mg of caffeine per can and 2000mg of taurine.  Along with that we get a bunch of vitamins as well.   Ironclad labels itself as an energy and hydration drink so there are also some electrolytes included in here.  I would rank this on par with the big players Monster, Rockstar, etc on kick. 
(7.5/10) Bumped it up a bit for the added electolytes

Final Thoughts:  Maybe it is because I am not a blueberry fan.....but I just didn't care for this drink.  I have read a lot of good things about Ironclad drinks so I am hoping the other drinks I have to review don't let me down.  If you like blueberries this might be worth checking out, it just isn't for me.  You can check out their website at : IronClad Energy.


Christie said...

This wasn't the worst or the best I have ever had. I am a fan of berry blends. However, I am not a fan of "tart or sour" taste. Especially if you combine with food as many of us do since we are on the go.
I would recommend this drink to others if this company could possibly work on the "Non-nutritive sweetener blend" (Sorbitol aka glucitol & Lo Hau Gui) One is a sugar alcohol one is a natural non calorie sweetener.
Just wished didn't have to sacrifice taste for sugar free supplement.

Lotus said...

I can't remember if I had the regular or sugar free version but it didn't taste so great. Word to the wise...don't think that adding a packet of splenda is a good idea. There was a little scientific reaction that can only be described as a mini mentos in a 20oz coke...

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