Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nixie Tubes (Adult Pixie Stix)

This is another review I had written a while back when I was still deciding whether or not to make a review site.  I got these from, they are very similar to Nuclear Energy Powder (I will be putting up the review for these once I have tried the other 2 flavors).

The Look: Thinkgeek did a good job on the packaging of these.  The vial is very sturdy they come in and the lettering matches the color of the flavor.  I like the fact the opening is bigger than a regular Pixie Stix because it doesn't get stuck in the end as easily from moisture.  Packaging is simple and to the point.
(7/10) on packaging

Taste:  There are 5 different flavors of these out right now (Cherry, Lemon/Lime, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry).  There are really 2 stages to the taste here.  You have the initial taste which I would give an 8 to, but unfortunately you have a very bitter caffeine aftertaste that really lowers the score.  Honestly the aftertaste really killed these things for me.  I would rate the best tasting as Blue Raspberry but I am just going to rate them all together.
(5/10) on taste

Does It Work:  Each of these tubes packs 100mg of Caffeine.  The caffeine bypasses your stomach so it hits you pretty fast.  If you down one of these quickly (which I would recommend cause the aftertaste sucks) you can expect to be jolted awake pretty quickly.  Unfortunately because these are just powered by caffeine and sugar the buzz does not last very long.  I would say I got possibly 2 hours of energy out of these.
(6.5/10) on Kick

Final Thoughts: I love the concept of these.  The are very portable and provide a fast buzz. Would I eat them again ?  Probably not, the bitterness at the end really killed them for me.  Just recently I got my hands on the Nuclear Powder(review coming soon) though and I think they are a much better alternative.  If you happen to see these at the store, depending on price you might want to check them out but be warned the bitter aftertaste is BAD!


Christie said...

Sweet yet sour - which I'm not a fan of.
Sublingual idea is GREAT!

(This method allows the supplement to be absorbed immediately as opposed to going through the digestive system, which usually takes several minutes to hours.

When it is delivered immediately into your bloodstream you with feel the Sublingual benefits almost immediately. Once this supplement takes effect, you should feel more energetic right away.

That’s why I’m a big fan of products that I can use this way.

SJ said...

I feel like they're meant to be snorted from the pic. Any idea on what that would do?

About Me said...

I bet that would burn and burn badly. Hopefully by Friday I should have my review up of Rocket Ruel Energy Snuff (it is meant to be snorted).

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