Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NOS Sugar Free

I really like NOS, I thought the original had a great flavor and a pretty decent kick.  I was very excited when I discovered NOS Sugar Free at the gas station. 

The Look:  I really like the look of the bottles that NOS came in.  I feel it really appealed to the crowd is was targeting.  The can does look nice but it doesn't have that same factor to it the bottle did. Basically a different color scheme to note the sugar free aspect and the NOS logo on the front.  Alright look for a can but this would be so much nicer looking in the NOS bottle.
(5.5/10) on look

Taste:  One of the great things about the original NOS was the great taste it had.  I was hoping they kept the passion fruit taste with the sugar free version.  I open it up and I am greated with the same wonderful scent of the original.  They really did a great job here on the flavor even though it is sugar free.  In fact I had to be careful because I was very tempted to chug it this morning.  Just like the other flavors of NOS there is no weird aftertaste but there is a slight taste of the artifical sweetners(I have become accustomed to them though). 
(7/10) on taste

Does It Work:  Shortly after consuming all 16 oz, I was greeted with a nice alertness.  For the whole can you get a nice 260 mg of caffeine (great amount IMO).  My yawning and tiredness became a thing of the past after downing it.  I got a good solid 3 - 4 hour buzz with no crash (one of the reasons I love sugar free). Once again NOS has really came through with a great product.
(8/10) on kick

Final Thoughts:  Well I think they did a great job with the NOS sugar free.  I do hope it becomes available in the bottles because I think that packaging is much better.  Whenever I want a great sugar free energy drink this will be one of my top choices.  I would drink this again without hesitation. I also recommend if you see one in the store to grab one and try it(you will not be disappointed).


Christie said...

I was so pleased to see this item on the market, yet it failed me on taste. I like fruit flavored drinks however, this one - IDK - has a weird mango combo.

Eileen said...

This is by far my favorite energy drink, sugar free or not. I wish it came in a bottle & wasn't so hard to find.

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