Friday, April 23, 2010

NX Nitrous Express Sugar Free

With the success of NOS I knew there had to be other drinks out there aimed at that same crowd.  Then I discovered NX Lean & Mean (Sugar Free).  Complete with a lug nut looking lid you can see exactly the market they are aimed at.  This drink also contains the powerful antioxidant quercetin.

The Look:  NX comes at us in a slick looking black plastic bottle.  On the front there is a nice muscle car graphic underneath the words, NX Nitrous Express.    The label around the black bottle is a silver color that looks really nice against the black.  On the opposite side as always is nutritional information along with a short writing about the company. The whole bottle goes together very well here and should really grab some attention.
(8.5/10) on packaging

Taste:  The flavor of the drink is suppose to be a mango citrus.  I open it up and before I even take a drink I notice the color.  Even in the black bottle, in my dark office this stuff is colorful.  Best way I can describe the color is like a smoke filled antifreeze.  There is a pleasant smell of grapefruit coming from the bottle as I was staring at the cool colored liquid.  The flavor here is very unique with about 75% grapefruit to about 25% mango.  It really makes for a nice tasting drink here.  There is a good amount of carbonation to it as well.  This stuff taste pretty good for a sugar free drink. 
(8/10) on flavor

Does It Work:  Let's see what is in this 24 oz drink.  NX is powered by 0 calories, 240 mg of caffeine, a very health dose of vitamin C, 750 mg of quercetin, 30mg of B3, and even has 105mg of potassium.  This thing took me most of the morning to drink the whole bottle.  About half way through I started to get a nice alertness that carried on until after lunch.  I would say there is a good 5 hours of solid crash free energy in this.  Nothing over the top here but I would put it above your average energy drink.
(8/10) on kick

Final Thoughts:  This is one of the better tasting sugar free drinks I have had in awhile.  I love the fact that it is resealable and I also really enjoyed the flavor.  You can check them out on the web at : NX Energy.  I would drink this again without hesitation.  If you can spot one of these drinks go ahead and buy it.


Kiva said...

LOL!!Smoke filled antifreeze! That's an almost perfect description!

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