Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Minute Maid Natural Energy (Strawberry Kiwi)

The other day I was in the gas station and doing my usual check of new energy products.  I was about ready to give up when I seen this new juice by Minute Maid.  They have 2 flavors available, this one is Strawberry Kiwi.  Let's check it out, shall we.

The Look:  Nothing spectacular here to look at but they did do a good job.  It looks alot like the other Minute Maid products just a different shaped bottle.  It is a 12 oz juice (27% juice).  On the front we get a picture of strawberries and kiwis to give us a visual about the flavor.  I like the label under the brand name, "Natural Energy ".  That is what caught my eye.  On the back it list the amount of caffeine which is 37-43 mg.  So like I said nothing special here package wise but it does get the point across that it is more than just juice in here.
(6.5/10) on Packaging

Taste:  First thing I did was shake it since it is from concentrate.  Upon first drink you are greeted by a nice fruit taste.  I notice right away that there is not much kiwi or strawberry flavor.  I flip it over and see the second ingredient is pear juice (that explains the lack of other flavors).  There is no weird taste from the caffeine here either, just your average concentrated juice.  I wish they could of stepped up the strawberry and kiwi here to give it some more zing.
(7.5/10) on Taste

Does It Work:  So obviously with just a small amount of caffeine and yerba mate you will not get any killer buzz from this.  Imagine what you get from drinking a coke or any other soda.  I do like the fact that they gave it a good attempt though.  This is a great juice with just a hint of caffeine.  For those sensitive to caffeine this will be a great product.  This is exactly what I expected from the minimal amount of caffeine in here.
(4/10) on Kick

Final Thoughts:  I like that Minute Maid is trying to get a piece of the energy market.  I think they did pretty good here.  You get a good juice with just a little bit of caffeine.  I would drink this again anytime I am wanting a good fruit juice.  I could not find much when I searched on the web about this, so I am assuming it is a fairly new product.  If you run across it and like juice, give it a try.


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