Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rockstar Cola

This morning I was feeling kinda sluggish so I went to the fridge and decided to finally try the Rockstar Cola I had.  I really use to like Jolt Cola so I figure this should be pretty good.

The Look:  I really like the look of the two new Rockstar cans.  This one comes in the traditional 16 oz Rockstar size.  I think the color scheme they used works very well here.  It list the ingredients on the back of the can and has the usual Rockstar stuff on the front.  I also really like how they did the top of the can all in black.  Very well done IMO.  This is the kind of can that really draws attention.
(8.5/10) on Packaging

Taste: Rockstar usually comes through pretty good on the taste of their drinks.  I cannot think of one that has disappointed me yet.  This one is no different.  I open up the can and take a drink.  I am greeted with a very nice cola taste that is cooling, crisp, and refreshing.  I think the nailed the flavor on this very well.  I haven't tried it yet but I think this would be a killer mixer for alcohol (assuming you are of age of course).  Jack and Cola, Crown and Cola, or my personal favorite Jagermeister and Cola.  There is no aftertaste here just a very refreshing cola.
(8.5/10) on Taste

Does It Work:  I got a pretty nice buzz from this stuff.  I don't know if it is because I drank it so quickly or what.  This looks to have your standard Rockstar Energy Blend in it.  I wish they could of went with a little less sugar, all personal preference though.  This is your typical energy buzz, maybe slightly above normal.

Final Thoughts:  I was rather impressed with the new cola from Rockstar.  I think they really nailed the packaging and the flavor.  I plan on trying this with some Jager soon to be able to try it as a mixer.  I would drink this again even though it wouldn't be one of the first I would go for because of the above average sugar in it.  If you are at the store and like cola, you should buy one and give it a try.


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