Monday, April 12, 2010

Rockstar Recovery Lemonade

Todays review is on the other newest flavor of Rockstar, Rockstar Recovery.  I really like lemonade and I love energy drinks.  I can't wait to see how they did here.

The Look: Just like the Rockstar Cola, I think they really nailed it here.  The black top with the red tab really stands out and the yellow can goes well with the flavor.  On top of the new color scheme we get the traditional Rockstar logo on the front and nutritional information on the back.
(8.5/10) on packaging

Taste:  Two things were possible with this drink.  First off it could be a very fake tasting lemonade with bad chemical taste or secondly it could of been an awesome lemonade flavor.  Luckily for me this turned out to be the second option.  Aside from this being an energy drink it is one of the best lemonades I have had.  They did great on the flavor here and managed to keep it very low carb and low calorie.  This is probably one of my new favorite everyday drinks.
(9/10) on taste

Does It Works: After chugging this thing down (it really tasted that good), I got a great caffeine rush.  I am pretty glad they didn't go with a 24 oz version of this because it tasted that good.  I was filled with a good buzz that left me energized and in a pleasant mood until after lunch.  I have not got a chance to test the recovery part of the formula but I will update this review once I do.
(8/10) on kick

Final Thoughts: They did great on this new drink.  I am very impressed with the flavor plus it is available almost everywhere now.  If you see one, I would highly suggest to grab this one.  It has an awesome look, great taste, and above average kick.  Keep up the good work Rockstar.


Christie said...

I was very impressed with the taste of this product. (Even though I am not a fan of Lemon -or lemonade.) This didn't have an over powering taste. I would recommend this product to others.

Anonymous said...

RS Recovery is indeed an awesome everyday drink. RS produces some great stuff. I also love the RS sugarfree white can (no affiliation with the company).

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