Friday, April 16, 2010

Slap Frost Low Carb

Today I am trying a drink that I have read about but never got a hold of until now.  The name of the drink is Slap Frost.  Let's see if this drink can slap my tired ass awake this morning.

The Look:  I have seen two different styles of cans.  The old one I had seen had a hand in the background looking like it was gonna slap somebody.  The can I am sampling has a clean look to with a simple logo that says "SLAP".  Underneath the name of the drink we get the flavor, Frost.  On the back of the can we get a little introduction about the flavor and the "Energy 9.0" blend.  Sometimes I think simple really helps a can stand out, this is one of those times.
(7.5/10) on Packaging.

Taste: I chose the low carb version for my first review because if you can make the low carb taste good usually ones with sugar won't be a problem.  This particular flavor is suppose to have a "chilling" ingredient in it.  I open up the ice cold drink and take my first sip.  It has a very unique flavor that I am not sure how to describe.  It is very refreshing with a light amount of carbonation.  Almost a slight Red Bull flavor hid deep within.  I still wish I could pinpoint exactly what the flavor is, nonetheless it is good.  After my first drink I get a very subtle cooling feeling in my throat, this must be the "chilling" ingredient they speak of.  There is no caffeine taste or sugarfree aftertaste at all here.
(8/10) on Flavor

Does It Work:  So Slap is powered by 200mg of caffeine per can with only 6 gram of sugar.  We also get a good helping of their "Energy 9.0" blend.  After consuming about half the can I was no longer tired.  This can really did manage to slap me awake.  I would not describe it as powerful as a "bitch slap" but it does its job well.  I got no jitters from this and a  fantastic energy buzz.  I am very impressed I got a good solid 4 hours of energy from this drink with absolutely no crash. 
(8/10) on Kick

Final Thoughts:  Ok Slap has really impressed me here.  They have delivered a great low carb drink with a good flavor.  I love the uniqueness of the "chilling" ingredients as well.  I am very excited to try all the other flavors they have after drinking this one.  The only thing stopping me from drinking this all the time is it is not available in Texas (soon I hope....soon).  So if you wanna get a good energy "slap" I would highly recommend buying one of these if you run across them.  You can check them out at their website:  Slap Drinks.


Blondie said...

I had the pleasure of trying this one yesterday (well the lemon tea flavor)and i really enjoyed it. The taste wasn't sweet or tart but just right. Regards to the energy part of the drink, I guess i would have to say SLAP fits the name of this drink to a tee.

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