Thursday, May 6, 2010

5150 Energy

You know what one of my favorite drinks is? Gatorade.  One small problem here Gatorade has no caffeine and this is sad for someone that likes caffeine as much as I do.  5150 to the rescue.... *cue some cool entrance music here*

The Look:  This stuff looks like it was bought from a guy out of the back of a vehicle in a dark alley.  The package is done in just black and white.  On the front we get, "5150 energy" and then under that they brag about the 500mg of caffeine in the bottle (That is not a typo that is 500mg of caffeine, crazy huh).  Flipping it over there is some nutritional information and even some directions so you don't try and drink this stuff straight.  Nothing crazy here package wise but I don't think it needs to be.
The package I got does not look like the picture.  The lid does not have a point to it and it says 5150 energy instead of 5150 Juice.  (I just could not get a good photo of the bottle I had)
(8 out of 10)

Taste:  Well this is hard to judge the taste.  If I judged it on what it tasted like straight the results would not be good.  Luckily this is meant to be mixed with whatever you want.  On the package they recommend beer, milk, juice, etc.  I decided I wanted to try it with some Gatorade.  I took 2 and a half caps full (about 200mg of caffeine) and dumped it in my drink.  I shook it up a little and a took a drink.  It tasted like Gatorade with no hint of what I just added.  Oh this stuff could be dangerous (in a good way).
(9 out of 10)

Does It Work:  You can choose the amount of caffeine you want to add.  It says on the package one cap full is equivalent to 83mg of caffeine (about a Red Bull's worth).  Needless to say I laughed at just one capful I wanted to try this stuff full force.  So I did 2 and a half caps full, which is roughly 200mg of caffeine.  After drinking on my new energy "cocktail" I got hit with a heavy dose of energy.  The energy boost lasted well over 4 hours with no crash.  This stuff does not mess around at all.  Aside from the massive amount of caffeine here there is also a few trace amounts of B2, niacin, and B6.  Then they put a very hefty dose of B12 on top of all that (0.6mg = 9,375% your daily dose).  There are 0 calories and 0 sugar here as well.  Be careful with this stuff you could easily get yourself extremely wired.
(10 out of 10) seriously what else could I give this stuff!

Overall Thoughts:  On the energy mixer scene there are a few front runners, 5150 can now be added there.  This stuff is great with endless possibilities.  I have read some other reviews and they have mixed it with everything from beer to salsa, so the sky is the limit here.  You can check them out on the web at : 5150 Energy.  You can order this stuff directly off the site for a very reasonable price.  If you have a love for caffeine (which I am assuming you do since you are reading my site) then you need to get some 5150 and see just how wicked this stuff is.

If you want to try out some this stuff without ordering a case : King Of Caffeine!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't taste great straight!

About Me said...

That is why it is a mixer and not a shot :-P

Steve said...

Got some of the sweet formula. Added 2 tsp to 16 oz of gatorade. Yuck. It tastes like I crushed up a bunch of aspirin and put it in. It also leaves a chalky taste in your mouth.

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