Monday, May 31, 2010

666 Energy

WWJD?  No not "What Would Jesus Do" but "What Would Jesus Drink".  I really have no answer to that question but I do know "What Jesus Wouldn't Drink".  The answer to that question is 666 Energy Drink.  I am not sure whether to classify this as drink or a shot since they are 4 oz each.  Anyway let's take a walk on the dark side this morning and see what kind of evil lurks inside 666 Energy Drink.

The Look:  There are 2 flavors of 666 Energy.  I will be taking them both on in this review.  There is the sugar free version, Lucifer's Lemonade and there is the the full on sugar version, Virgin Sacrifice Cherry.  Both containers look the same except the color scheme is inverted depending on the flavor.  On the front it says 666 Energy Drink centered in front of a pentagram.  Flipping it over there is nutritional information and the usual caffeine warning.  The one thing I am slightly disappointed with is there is no slogan anywhere to be found on the bottle.  Even a short passage about the company could of really added to it.
(8 out of 10)

Taste:  As I mentioned earlier there are 2 different varieties available of 666 energy.  Let's see how they each score in taste:

   Lucifer's Lemonade:  After opening up the sugar free version I am greeted with a very nice lemonade scent.  If this taste as good as it smells then this should be awesome.  The lemonade has a very light lemon flavor to it.  I was expecting it to be stronger tasting based on the smell but it is very subtle.  I am actually able to sip this which is always a good thing for a shot.  If they ever have a lemonade stand in hell then you should go ahead and grab a glass.
(9 out of 10)

   Virgin Sacrifice Cherry:  The scent of this has me worried a bit, it has a cherry cough syrup scent.  I take a drink and it has a very syrupy cherry taste to it.  It is very sweet with a light candy cherry flavor to it.  It is a very good flavor but it is a little to sweet for my taste.  It is still very good for being a shot and I was actually able to sip on it.
(8 out 10)

Does It Work:  First let's see what powers 666 Energy:  There is 200 mg of caffeine,  100% Vitamin B3, 1000% Vitamin B6, and 4186% Vitamin B12.  The sugar free version is 0 calories and 0 sugar while the sugared version is a whopping 31g of sugar and 124 calories.  After drinking one of these down I got hit with a pretty strong buzz.  I am not sure if this is enough energy to take over hell but you should be able to cause some havoc down there.  Expect a good 4 hour + type of kick from each of these.
(8.5 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  When these first arrived I thought they would be a novelty drink but it turns out these really do the trick.  You know the energy drink world is really becoming lucrative when the devil himself decides to get in on the action.  You can check them out online at: 666 Energy.  They have a pretty good deal going on right now where you can get a case of these, a tshirt, a sticker, and free shipping for about 24 bucks.  This might not be an appropriate drink for Church but it should work for about any other situation.  If you get the chance give 666 Energy a try and see if it amps up your inner demon.


SJ said...

The names are great!

Anonymous said...


Jason, Founder of 666 Enegy Drink said...

Thanks for the review! We wanted to put the slogan "GET SOME EVIL IN YA!" on the bottle but we just ran out of room. We had to put "Sugar Free" on the lemon and "Pure Cane Sugar" around the cap of the Cherry so that people knew the difference. Yes, the Cherry is very sweet, but yes this is a large shot. It also tastes great diluted with some club soda or vodka. Thanks, Jason

Amber said...

This is what me and Iron Criterion will be drinking at our party in Hell.

Anonymous said...

This is Jason, the founder of 666 Energy Drink. We just changed our online pricing structure, and it brings down the price on a per-bottle basis. The new price is $39.99 for 24 bottles, ($1.66 per bottle). You will not find it cheaper anywhere in the world. This includes free shipping (Alaska and Hawaii requires a surcharge), and a FREE T SHIRT while supplies last. Order now!

Christie said...

I love the concept & WANT T SHIRT SOOO BAD!

I tried the Lucifer's Lemonade I am not a fan of lemonade in general but since it's sugar free it helped how I felt about trying it. It's not bad at all very light not too tart was pleased overall

Virgin Sacrifice Cherry : It's noted in the review as a cough syrup sent.... yet I loved it, very good flavor great! Wished the Cherry came in sugar free, 31g of sugar kinda harsh on the mind as well as hips LOL

Loved the Concept great product and wanna get the case so I can sport the Shirt proudly.

Anonymous said...

I got a bunch of these yesterday for .45 cents each so I did get it cheaper :-)

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