Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crunk Mango-Peach

Today seemed like a good day to get Crunk again.  After my first sampling of the original flavor I can't wait to see what Crunk does with Mango Peach. You ready to get Crunk?

The Look:  Crunk Mango-Peach comes at us in an orange can to represent the flavor.  On the front of the can in big letters we get, Crunk.  Also on the front we are greeted with one of my favorite energy drink slogans, "Get Crunk!!!".  Turning the can around we get nutritional information as well as details about the Crunk sms promotion they have.  Another very well designed can by the crew at Crunk.
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  I am hoping the taste is as good as the last Crunk I had.  Opening it up I am not disappointed.  This taste just like mango and peach.   It contains real mango and peach juice in it and it really shows in the flavor.  I could drink this for the flavor alone it is so good.  Not a bunch to say about the flavor except I like it a bunch.
(10 out of 10)  These taste amazing

Does It Work:  Just like the other Crunk energy drinks this has their special proprietary blend inside.  This drink is packed with 240 calories and 56g of sugar.  Then we get everything but the kitchen sink to help power this including: multiple B vitamins, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, ashwaganda, horny goat weed, white willow, skull cap, guarana, ginseng, and a handful of other stuff.   Then to top it all off they managed to squeeze a nice 192mg of caffeine in here too.  If I am to ever give out an award for most stuff crammed inside a drink, Crunk will be a nominee for sure.  Just like my first experience I got a great energy boost and a fantastic enhanced mood.  Expect a nice 4-5 hour boost from this stuff.
(9 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  Once again Crunk has really impressed me.  The taste here is easily one of the top 5 tasting energy drinks I have ever had.  The buzz that comes with Crunk is one of a kind and I really enjoy it.  You can check them out at: Crunk Energy.  You can order online there and they have a store locator as well.  You owe it to yourself if you are a fan of energy drinks to try this one out.


Anonymous said...

I need to buy a case of these.

Christie said...

I belive this is my favorite by far. I sipped it one strait every other time it has been used as a mixer.

mixed with peach tea voda along with others.

Don't get me wrong - it's great to drink alone, yet when u find something this good this flavorful - mix it! It has enough of a kick that u can enjoy!

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