Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eco Lips Energy

I love caffeine (as you can probably tell).  So when I found out there was caffeinated lip balm I used my charm and skills to get some for review.  Not only is Eco Lips caffeinated but it is also completely organic, pretty cool. 

The Look:  Eco Lips energy comes at us in a slick looking black tube.  It has a slightly edgy look to it with the off white lettering on the black packaging.  They kept the package pretty clean looking and managed to still print everything needed on the package.  Another thing I thought was really cool was the slogan on the stickers they sent, "Don't panic, it's organic".
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  Eco Lips energy is a peppermint flavored lip balm.  Nothing over powering just a light peppermint scent to it.  Really not much more I can go in to depth here about. 

Does It Work:  I have been using this now for about a week to try to offer up my opinion.  After applying it there is a light tingling sensation.  I tried this various times during the day (on my way to work, before lunch, after lunch, and in the evening).  Each time my lips seem to perk up from the tingling sensation but I don't seem to get any type of caffeine buzz.  What I can say is this: it is a great all natural lip balm that really protects and moisturizes your lips.  Plus you get a small amount of caffeine, green tea, and some B12 on top of the great lip balm.

Overall Thoughts:  This is a product that I really like the concept of.  I will be keeping this in my pocket to battle the nasty Texas summer ahead.  Eco Lips has many other varieties of lip balms as well, not just caffeinated.  Eco Lips is completely organic, it has caffeine and other goodies, and it is an awesome lip balm.  What more reason do you need to check this out?  You can check them out on the web at: Eco Lips.  Why not do something good for your lips and the environment at the same time.......


SJ said...

caffeinated lip balm, I never would have thought of it....How do you find out about these things?

Caffeine A Holic said...

Some of the products I stumble across, some I find through search engines, and some I find off other sites. Just all depends really. The only product I won't try so far is caffeinated chewing tobacco.

SJ said...

lol, cause thats what people need, hyper tabacco spitters

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