Thursday, May 13, 2010

Loud Truck Gummies

Sweet sweet gummi bears oh how I love thee.  I know some people have a weakness for chocolate, but I have a weakness for gummi bears (gummi worms too).  When I heard that they made caffeinated gummi bears, a tear almost formed in my eye from joy.  Today we will be looking at Loud Truck Energy Fueled Gummies.  These are gummi bears with an attitude.

The Look:  I am going to review the packaging based on the sample I received.  It is a nice package that gets the point across of what is inside.  They went with a mostly white package with a bunch of information that almost clutters the package.  They have an orange on the front to represent the flavor, a truck with a PA system graphic to represent the company name, and a dragon? in the background.  I am not to big on the packaging of these.  That being said I got a sneak peak of the new package design and I hope to get to review them when they are completed.  The new package jumps out at you with a design really grabs your attention. (Hint: Remember the Grateful Dead Bears? Yeah .....).
Update: After talking to the company I was able to obtain permission to display the new packaging.
(7 out of 10) on old packaging
(9 out of 10) on new packaging

Taste:  The flavor is labeled as Citrus Blast on these gummies.  That is a pretty good description.  I would say the flavor is mostly orange with a hint of other citrus in there.  There is a slight almost medicinal taste in there (maybe from the caffeine) but it is not bad at all.  Honestly these taste just a like a gummi bear. 
(9 out of 10)

Does It Work:  So each 1 oz pack of gummies contains 60 calories, 13g of sugar, 375% Vitamin C, niacin, B12, Taurine, 32mg of caffeine, and a few other energy producing ingredients.  So I finished off each gummi bear (biting the head off first and the eating the rest, don't judge me...), there were 10 in total in the package I had.  As you can see there is not a large amount of caffeine in the bag, but it is a pleasant addition to such a great candy.  The energy amount is equivalent to about what you might get out of a Coke or Pepsi.  What I find best to do with these are to eat them with an energy drink or something else caffeinated because by theme selves they don't do much. 

Overall Thoughts:  I don't really mind that these don't give you some super human energy.  I am just happy that companies are starting to think outside of the box and learning that caffeine does indeed make everything better.  You can check them out on the web (and even see the new packaging) at : Loud Truck Gummi.  I like the idea behind these a bunch.  Sure I wish they had more caffeine in them but I am very glad to accept them for what they are: a delicious snack with a bonus of some added caffeine.


SJ said...

your blog just makes me so happy

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