Sunday, May 9, 2010

Slap Energy Crisp Apple

You ever do something stupid as a kid?  You know the kind of thing where your mom had to slap you in the back of the head?  Not really a hard and mean slap but a "hey don't do that again" slap.  Well in honor of Mother's Day here in the US, let's review another Slap Energy Drink today. (Yes I know that is a weird intro to explain it but hey it made me laugh.  Also I don't think Slap encourages moms slapping their kids when they do stupid stuff).

The Look:  Slap comes at us in a can very similar to the Frost I reviewed.  The only difference is the middle logo is done in green to represent the Crisp Apple flavor.  On the flip side there is some nutritional information as well as a short passage about the Crisp Apple flavor.  Nice can but I still like the old cans better with the hand on them.
(7.5 out of 10)

Taste:  Opening up my Crisp Apple Slap, I am greeted with a very nice artificial apple flavor.   Then following the nice apple taste I get a slight hint of a green tea flavor. I normally do not like green tea but they really pulled this drink off very well.  There is no caffeine taste and no vitamin aftertaste present.  There is also a slight carbonation here which I thought would of been weird for a green tea but it works well.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work:  So Slap Crisp Apple is powered by 160 calories, 34g of sugar, niacin, B vitamins, and their 9.0 energy blend.  Just like the other drinks there is a nice and solid buzz here that comes to about the 4 hour mark with no crash.  This is an above average buzz compared to a Monster or Rockstar.  Once again Slap has come through.
(8 out 10)

Overall Thoughts:  So far I am two drinks down in my Slap reviews and both have left a good impression.  If you like green tea you should really like this drink and even if you don't like green tea (like me) you should still like this drink.  They managed to cut the calories and cut the sugar in this drink so you can feel pretty good about drinking it.  You can check out Slap on the web at: Slap Energy.  This drink gets my seal of approval and is so far my favorite green tea drink I have had.


SJ said...

It sounds really good, never had and apple energy drink before or does it taste more like green tea?

About Me said...

I would put it at about 75-80 % apple taste with a very light green tea after taste.

Anonymous said...

I tried this about 2 years ago while visiting a friend in Brooklyn. This was the best energy drink I have ever tried. Especially the green apple flavor. I felt the buzz about midway through the can and had to endure a long trip into Manhatten. Make sure you have something to do people. Wish we had this stuff in California.

Slap Energy Drinks! said...

Hey! Thanks for the review! We are already available in California. See link for stores:

~Slap Energy!

Anonymous said...

These are the BEST!! The BLUE FROST is totally intense, tastes gret, keeps ya up, I love it!! Wish it was here in PLEASANTON CALIFORNIA!!!! Drank 2-3 a day in Missouri, when I lived there!

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