Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vuka Renew Mango Peach

Today's review is on a line of drinks that labels themselves as "Intelligent Energy".  One of the unique things about this drink is that each drink is designed with a specific purpose.  Pretty cool, different flavor = different function.  Let's see what Vuka has to offer.

The Look:  Let me start off my saying, I am a sucker for energy drinks in aluminum bottles.  There is just something about them with the look they have.  Vuka Renew comes at us in a brushed aluminum bottle that is a mix between a green and highlighter yellow.  They keep these bottles very clean looking and free of clutter.  On the front there is the name of the drink, Vuka as well as the flavor and function.  Turning the bottle around there is nutritional information as well as a a short passage about the flavor and function of Renew.  This is what is says about Vuka Renew, "lightly carbonated mango peach drink to replenish energy during down times.  You'll feel like yourself again.".  Under the lid there is even a plastic mouth piece so you don't have to drink from the aluminum.  They put so much into these bottles that they are almost a work of art.
(9.5 out of 10)

Taste:  Vuka Renew is supposedly a mango-peach sparkling energy drink.  This stuff taste great!  Imagine if you will, a sparkling water done with just the right amount of peach and mango flavoring and just the right amount of carbonation.  I found myself wishing this bottle was bigger because the flavor is amazing.  There is no caffeine taste or vitamin taste at all in here. 
(9.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Let's see what fuels Vuka Renew: 180 calories, 44g of sugar, niacin, B vitamins, 2000mg of taurine, 160mg of caffeine, 100mg of d-ribose, 100mg of panax ginseng, and grape seed extract.  Well the point of this drink is to "feel like yourself again".  I didn't feel like myself again after drinking this, I actually felt better than usual.  This has a very nice lift in it from the caffeine and I found myself in a very happy mood from all the other ingredients. 
(8.5 out of 10) Rating here is based on if it achieved it's overall purpose

Overall Thoughts:  When I got this package in the mail I instantly fell in love with the bottles.  I am so glad that after my first sampling that the drink was as good as the packaging is.  This is an excellent drink that you could drink during any situation.  It is very thirst quenching and the bottle just looks awesome.  I still have 3 more flavors of Vuka to review and after Renew I am pretty excited.  You can check them out on the web at: Vuka.  This drink gets my recommendation and I suggest you should try one.


SJ said...

aluminum bottles really do rule, some how they just class up the drink. So what do the other flavours do?

Caffeine A Holic said...

There is Workout, Think, Awaken, and Renew

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