Saturday, May 8, 2010

Xyience Xenergy Lemon Blast

UFC 113 is tonight so let's do another Xyience review today.  Today's review will be over one of their Xtreme Energy Drink's, Lemon Blast.

The Look:  Instead of the the silver can the Xtreme Xyience drinks comes at us in a solid black can.  To represent the lemon flavoring, the circle in the middle is colored in yellow.  We also get the Xyience bar code graphic that I love so much towards the top of the can and the UFC logo towards the bottom.  On the back, nutritional information as always plus we get the cool bar code graphic vertically on the side of the can.  I like the Xtreme cans slightly better than the regular.
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  Once again Xyience, even though being sugar free does not disappoint on taste.  This has a nice subtle lemon flavoring too it.  Almost like a mild version of a diet sprite (but I honestly like the taste of the Xyience more).  There is a slight amount of carbonation to this drink as well.  You can easily chug this whole drink down pretty easily because of the flavor and the right carbonation level.  There is no caffeine taste or bad vitamin after taste at all.  This is easily in my top list for best tasting sugar free energy drinks.  The company has proved that sugar free doesn't have to mean bad taste.  Good job once again Xyience.
(9.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  I really liked the buzz from the original Xyience.  That being said, the buzz from the Xtreme drinks are FANTASTIC.  They have amped up the energy blend and you can easily tell after drinking one of these things down.  This drink is powered by roughly 250mg of caffeine, niacin, B Vitamins, taurine, l-carnitine, ginseng, and a good number of other quality ingredients.  If all that wasn't enough there is also 30 mg of potassium in here to help you recover.  There is easily 4+ hours of energy inside this can.  Unlike other energy drinks, Xyience energy is a solid buzz for the entire duration.
(9 out 10)

Overall Thoughts:   Xyience is becoming not only one of my favorite sugar free energy drinks but one of my favorite energy drinks period.  I like the Xyience products because you can drink them and not have to feel bad about putting the 200+ calories and 50g+ of sugar in you that are associated with most other energy drinks.  So far Xyience has not let me down and if I was inside the UFC cage, this is the type of energy drink I would want to have my back.  You can check them out on the web at : Xyience and learn about all their current products as well as new products that are in the making.  This drink gets my recommendation without hesitation.  


gigi said...

hmm sugar free energy drink, I should try:) dont usually like sugar free things though lol

About Me said...

It is pretty good. It doesn't even taste like an energy drink. Be warned though this thing packs a punch!

Anonymous said...

I love this drink. Remember the whole 16oz drink is too much for you, i was having hard time going to sleep at night. So now i drink about 5oz and i am good.

Anonymous said...

Love these drinks! Only ones I can drink w out heart issues!
Fruit punch is my fave!

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