Saturday, May 1, 2010


I got a package in the mail yesterday containing a product called ZUN.  I have read very little about the drink and I am happy to be able to try it out and see what ZUN is all about.  3,2,1, Review Blastoff..........

The Look:  OK this is a product that you will not confuse with anything else.  Well actually I take the back at first glance in the fridge it does kind of resemble soy sauce.....  ZUN comes at us in a really unique 12 oz container.  The container is made to resemble a rocket ship and really sticks out.  The bottle is done in black and goes well against the red cap and rocket ship base.  On the front we get the company name, ZUN.  Underneath it we get the slogan, "Out of this world, brain boosting energy". Also on the front we get a little stick guy that has a head full of spaceship thoughts.  Turning the bottle around there is some nutritional information as well as another slogan that fits the whole theme of the drink, "Rid your brain of cloud".  I like drinks that really stand out and are easy to identify.
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  I have no idea what to expect from taste from this drink.  I even tried to cheat and look at the ingredients for a hint.  OK curiosity wins, let's pop the top on this rocket ship.  Smelling it I get what seems to be a banana scent with some other fruits in there as well.  This drink might be on of the most unique flavors I have ever tried.  There seems to be a melon flavor in there and for some reason I keep getting a banana flavor mixed in.  There is very light carbonation to this drink, almost not noticeable.  There is absolutely no caffeine taste or bitter aftertaste.  Some other people need to try this and help me identify exactly what this flavor is, either way it is really good.
(9.5 out 10)

Does It Work:  OK so what is in this stuff?  Per bottle we get 160 calories, 40g of sugar, and a few key vitamins.  Then we get their "Brain Boosting Energy Blend".  In the blend we get Coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo Biloba, 100mg of caffeine, taurine, and some choline in there as well.  This stuff has a unique effect.  There is no crazy energy here but I did feel extremely focused after drinking the bottle.  It is really like the cloud is gone from my brain, pretty cool stuff.  
(9 out of 10) this stuff really clears your head

Overall Thoughts:  OK when I first read the ingredients and only spotted 100 mg of caffeine, I did not have high hopes for this drink.  After drinking it my thoughts are all positive.  This drink has an awesome package, it has a taste that is unlike any drink you have ever tasted (very yummy), and it just flat out works!  If you want to experience mental clarity I would highly recommend giving this stuff a try.  This drink gets my seal of approval and once I get a best of category, it is going in there for taste.  You can check them out on the web at: ZUN Energy.  


Anonymous said...

Just impulsed-purchased a Zun when I saw it in the store. I'm with ya on the banana taste. That's the only flavor that stood out to me. I normally drink the sugar-free energy drinks to save on the calories so the sugar automatically makes it taste better than my usual.
Anyway, I just finished the last swig so I imagine I'll have to wait a bit before the could goes away.

We'll see.. but so far so good... (and yes, it does look like soy sauce)

Anonymous said...

We'll be launching a new label bottle with major tom (rocketman) enlarged. We are certain you won't want to dip your sushi into it! watch for new improved look in kum & gos, July. Also launching a very cool lite version of ZUN with some awesome ingredients, targeting Sept-Oct

Anonymous said...

who lakes getting high (WEED)and drinking this shit it makes u feel lake ur a GOD or some shit lake
=) i love weed and energy drinks but some of my friends got sick when we did that so besides that its MOTHER FUCKING SWEET MAN

Anonymous said...

I really could taste/smell the B12 in this drink. I used to take it in drop form, and it has a very fruity taste to it. My new favorite energy drink! I'm telling everyone I know about the stuff. I lol'd at the soy sauce bit- that happened to me once. The stuff really works, it tastes better than anything else on the market, and the bottle is so cool, I always have people wanting to try it.

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