Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amp Energy Gum

Amp is one of those companies that are hit or miss.  I am not to big on most of their drinks(They just don't do the trick for me) but the Amp Energy Juice they have is really good.  Now Amp is trying out their hand in the energy gum field, let's see how they perform.

The Look:  The package is done in a green, black, and white theme.  The packaging on this actually looks quite stunning.  On the front you get some basic information along with the Amp logo.  One thing that earns a few marks in my book is that they list the caffeine content, nice to know what I am consuming.  On the opposite side of the package there is nutritional information and an ingredient list.
(8.5 out of 10)

Taste:  This gum has two stages on taste.  The first stage is a wonderful citrus flavor that is honestly quite amazing.  It taste a bunch like an Amp drink.  Unfortunately after about the 4 minute mark that wonderful flavor disappears and the caffeine bitterness rears it's ugly head.  This is really a shame because the beginning of this gum is one of the best I have had but the caffeine taste afterwards really takes away from what could of been.
(7 out of 10) This would of been a 9 or greater, but that caffeine aftertaste SUCKS

Does It Work:  The ingredient list is quite simple here. Amp Energy Gum is powered by (for every 2 pieces): 10 calories, 0g sugar, 100% niacin, 100% B6, 100% pantothenic acid, and 80mg of caffeine.  The ingredients do their job.  Sure you won't get a spectacular buzz from these but if you can manage to battle the aftertaste you will get a pretty good alertness from chewing.
(8 out of 10)

Final Thoughts:  Energy gum is such a tricky market.  It is either done really well or the caffeine taste shines through.  Unfortunately Amp has disappointed me with the taste on the gum.  The taste is not horrible by any means but you will definitely taste the caffeine after a few minutes of chewing. If Amp can work on the flavor of this gum they could have a killer product on their hands If you are a big Amp fan or if you just want to give a new product a try, give it a go.  You can check them out on the web at: Amp Energy.


DanWins said...

Ok, will stay away from gums until you gives us the ALL APPROVED go ahead.

email me my friend -- want to ask you a question/have an idea for you.

Kiva said...

The whole point of gum is for it to taste good. It's meant to stay in your mouth for a while, I ain't even gonna bother with it if it doesn't taste good!

Energy efficient products said...

Well! I am agree with your information but do you know the other effect of Amp energy Gum. I want to know about it. I like the thing which gives a best result to get energy.

Anonymous said...

I thought the taste was OK. But 2 pieces per serving? Give me a break. There are several other products on the market with a bigger punch. I am looking for a pick me up. If I want sweet taste I'll chew bubble gum. The caffeine at the end was no big deal.

Christie said...

After I tried this it took all I had to chew it for 10-15 mins. First inital taste is ok
Love the idea - hate the after taste.
2 pieces per serving isn't good when there are other energy gum(s) avaliable with better taste and only require 1 piece.

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