Sunday, June 13, 2010

High Octane Energy Chews

What if I told you that you could get all the power of an energy drink or an energy shot in a Starburst like chew?  That is the promise being made by High Octane Chews.  Let's see if one chew can give me the energy I need to get through the day.

The Look:  High Octane Energy Chews come in a foil lined pouch containing 3 chews.  The artwork on the package is beautiful. It reminds me of the graphics you see on a lot of the trendier clothing now.  At the top of the package there is a little diagram showing that one chew is equal to one shot (I would of much rather seen that caffeine amount listed).  On the back there are directions on use as well as nutritional information.  I wish they would of put some type of wording or a picture on the chews so you know what it is in case it is not inside the package.
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  The taste of these is something different.  To start out there is a mild berry flavoring which is good until you start to chew.  Once you start chewing the texture of the chew starts to crumble.  The berry flavor then turns extremely sour and has a very odd aftertaste.  I like sour candy so I didn't mind the sour but I didn't like the texture of the chew once I started chewing.   The aftertaste lingered in my mouth afterwards but it was quickly washed away with a drink.
(6.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  I tried these on multiple occasions and each time they did the trick nicely.  In the morning these are great, I started chewing on one on my way to work and I was wide awake when I arrived.  I also tried these after lunch when I was groggy from being full and once again they perked me right up.  After chewing one of these you will start to feel the results within about 5 minutes.  If you want a more intense buzz then chew two of them and you will get great results.  These ended in no crash and the buzz lasted about 3-4 hours.
(9 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  These are the most powerful energy chews I have tried so far.  The taste is better than a bunch of the shots I have tried and the kick is surprisingly above average.  These are also a great value as energy shots usually run about 2-3 dollars a piece. You can buy them online at the Official Site or you can also get them from my good friend over at  I also spotted these at CVS which surprised me for such a new product.  Pick yourself up a bag and let me know what you think.


DanWins said...

Please stop by my site in about 15 mins to collect your Award!

Anonymous said...

I heard of these energy chews on "the Show" (High Octane) and thought I tried them out. I bought them at CVS for $1.99 a pack (3 in a pack). Believe it or not these really did the job, yes they do have a funny taste to them; but it is not that bad. Take a drink of juice or water and it is gone. I have ADHD and I even think the High Octane also help me with concentration. I recommend these chews 100% more then those energy drinks that made me feel like running in place. LoL..

cyberrosse/san diego, ca

upallnightnow. said...

Jesus I ate one and now I feel like I could run through a brick wall, pick up the bricks and build another wall, then run through that wall.

Anonymous said...

good start

Anonymous said...

These are AMAZING! My friend bought them and gave me one and wow! They taste disgusting to me but my friend made me swallow it. lol. Im glad she did!! My workout went awesome and I ran longer than normal!

Anonymous said...

Well I was chewing one while I was reading your replies i drank a Heineken already but I hope it works bcos do need to do something important later on but it bn only two minutes I'm waiting for those 5 mins to hit me .ok Im not really feeling anything yet but I do hope to feel something ... Ok I'm singing now does thatmean something (3 mins after ) I feel good but I'm hiper( sometimes) I'm learning how not to be but I think it does give u that boost u need I only chewed one and I also bought a ginseng energy now which I don't know if it works but I was hoping Tori d one of those incense something like that to calm me down but I love trying new things. Hello we TODAY we need all kinds of " MEDICINES " lmao god bless u all !!!! Judge urself on my comment if u think it works cuz I might have to read it againlol to see the changes on my comment lmao muahhh lol

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