Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plow On Energy Gum

One of the big new things exploding onto the energy scene lately is energy gum.  Energy gum is a great alternative to carrying around an energy drink with you and usually is a cheaper alternative.  Some energy gums have left me quite impressed and some have disappointed me.  Let's see how Plow On Energy Gum performs and taste.

The Look:  Plow On comes in a red tear away foil package.  Each pack has 5 pieces of gum (500mg of caffeine total).  On the front they have a picture of a bull that is about to charge and the slogan, "your instant energy source".   I love how they say how much caffeine is in the gum on the front (seriously every company needs to list the caffeine amount).  One of my gripes is there is no way to really reseal the package.  No one is going to chew all 5 pieces at once so there needs to be a way to reseal it better than just folding the end over.  Aside from the minor gripe of the reseal factor I still think they did a good job on the package.
(7.5 out of 10)

Taste:  Taste is the roughest part for energy gum to overcome.  I was a little worried when I read there is 100mg of caffeine in each piece (that is a bunch of caffeine to hide in a small piece).  Each piece of gum is about the size of a Mentos.  When I first started chewing it the gum kind of crumbled but luckily after a bit it formed into gum.  The taste is a very nice mint and there is no initial sign of caffeine anywhere.  After about 5 minutes there is an ever so slight taste of caffeine that pokes through but it is hidden a bunch better than a lot of gums out there.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Plow On Gum is powered by mostly one thing, caffeine (100mg a piece).  There are also very small amounts of other ingredients but caffeine is the real power behind it.  Here is the deal, 100 mg of caffeine delivered in gum form does the trick very nicely.  My only complaint in the kick department is where are the other goodies like B vitamins and taurine (they have 10mg?!?).  If you want a very quick initial rush then Plow On is great.  You will be awake almost immediately after chewing it but the downside is there is nothing to help keep the rush going after the caffeine buzz is gone.
(8 out of 10) They initial rush earns it an 8

Overall Thoughts:  Plow On is good gum.  It is better than several of the other gums I have tried.  100mg of caffeine in a single piece is great for an instant pick me up.  You get 5 pieces for under 3 bucks which is a great value when compared to energy drinks.  I think Plow On is definitely worth checking out if you get the chance.  You can check them out on the web at: Plow On Energy Gum.  As always comments are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

So this is what I keep seeing and hearing around the stores is about... Thanks for the review, for I wasn't sure what the hack it was and haven't try it yet becasue of it. will let you know after trying one.

Anonymous said...

I love Plow On Gum! It works just about immediately and it tastes just like spearmint to me! I do taste some ginsing but I like ginsing - so it's all good! I use it to power through a long run!

Anonymous said...

The 5 minute chewing time to get the caffeine seemed like a life time. I would rather get a mocha-chino ennema than eat "Plow On". It should be called Plow-Off.
Earl Freelander

Anonymous said...

It's official, I'm addicted! PLOW ON!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Loved it! This stuff really works! Much better than the energy shoots and drinks I have been using to wake me up in the morning, and the best part- much much cheaper!

I'm going to tell rest of my drivers in the company.

Loved the name too- PLOW ON!

Christie said...

Everything is Great about this product but the taste.

Rather not even use, the inital taste is ok... I couldn't go the full 5-10 mins -seriously bad after tatse.
Co workers - felt the same yet more colorful/vivid wording.

Anonymous said...

What a rubbish name, a rubbish taste and a rubbish pack, hey you know what I think I just thought of a new name for it.... Cr*p in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many energy products copy RedBull? Find a new animal!

Anonymous said...

I just tried some Plow On Gum and it's fricken awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just tried the new Plow flavor. F'in awesome! No bad aftertaste at all.

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