Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raging Bull Energy Candy

Directly from the arsenal of KingofCaffeine.com, today's review is on Raging Bull Energy Candy.  This is a lifesaver looking piece of candy directly from China that calls itself an energy drink in a candy.

The Look:  Raging Bull Energy Candy comes in a box about the size of a pack of cigarettes.  All the writing is in Chinese except for a sticker in English which contains directions and ingredients.  Inside each box there are 12 pieces of candy wrapped in some seriously strong foil (seriously I could not open these with my hands no matter how hard I tried, I had to resort to scissors).  Maybe in the strong man contest they can have them rip open one of these instead of a phonebook. 
(7 out of 10) I bumped it up a notch for the stickers in English

Taste:  I don't read Chinese so I have no clue what to expect from the flavor of these.  After I got into the Fort Knox like packaging, I was met by something almost identical in shape to a Lifesaver.  I popped it in my mouth and was greeted with a surprisingly pleasant chocolate taste.  They taste like instant hot chocolate smells.  I honestly thought these were pretty tasty.
(7.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Luckily they posted the little English sticker on the side so I know what is in these.  Inside each piece there is: taurine, 80mg of caffeine, lysine, niacin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.  After eating one of these I got a slight awakening but nothing impressive.  So after the first one I had a second one.  When I finished the second one I felt a bit more awake but still nothing really impressive.  I thought these were pretty tasty but I am slightly disappointed by the buzz inside.  I finally ended up having 3 of them total and got a pretty nice caffeine buzz from it.
(6.5 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  These are a great idea and they are different from other things out there.  Even if you have to eat 3 like me, these come to a hell of a deal (3 dollars for 12 of them).  I thought the flavor was pretty good and so did everyone else who tried one that I shared with.  You can find these from my good friend at KingofCaffeine.com.  For the price I think these are worth checking out.  As always, please let me know your thoughts or comments.


SJ said...

that is a great tagline, "energy drink in a candy"

Anonymous said...

I tried them and they tasted like butt flavored life-savers

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