Saturday, June 19, 2010

Revive Energy Mints

One of the items that is very popular among the energy products is energy mints.  Today I will be taking on another contender in the energy mint market, Revive.  Revive is taking a different approach by using some not so common ingredients, let's see how they fare on the reviews.

The Look:  Revive Energy Mints come in a packs with 2 mints in each(They also come in blister packs of 8).  They kept the package uncluttered and still informative.  On the front of the pack we get the brand name, a mention of being sugar free, the flavor, and a little statement about how one mint is equal to an energy drink (plus antioxidants).  On the back there is nutritional information and caffeine warnings.  One thing that slightly disappoints me is that the caffeine amount is not listed anywhere on the package.
(7 out of 10)

Taste:  The flavor of Revive is labeled as Winter Splash.  I tried these 2 different ways: chewing them and letting them naturally dissolve.  When I chewed them the flavor was very nice without being overwhelming.  These are not as strong flavored as some of the other energy mints I have tried yet they still managed to mask all the caffeine without any bad taste.  When I let these naturally dissolve in my mouth I was surprised to find they kept a good texture the whole time.  The flavor was nice all the way through and the crumbling was very minimal.
(9 out of 10)

Does It Work:  What powers these is slightly different then the other mints out there.  Inside each mint there is: 4 calories, 0 g of sugar, 10% vitamin C, caffeine (not sure the amount), guarana, green tea, ginseng, acai, mangosteen, and goji. The combination of the antioxidants and caffeine is what sets these apart from others.  After consuming one of these I didn't get a huge spike in energy but instead I got a nice gradual energy boost.  The energy boost seemed to last for a good amount of time and I didn't find myself craving an energy drink the whole morning.  I got several hours of energy from these that was nice and subtle.
(7.5 out of 10) I bumped it up a bit for the antioxidants

Overall Thoughts:  Revive is a great choice if you are looking for a healthy energy mint.  I think mints are wonderful for school, outdoor activities, dates, and anywhere else you don't want to have to carry around a drink.  Another great thing about energy mints is that they are a great value compared to energy drinks or shots.  You can check them out on the web at Revive where you can read some more information about them as well as order them.  Revive Energy Mints can also be purchased from my good friend,


DanWins said...

wondering how wide spread distribution is?

are you seeing these at any of the conv./gas stations?

have been looking for some of your review items in stores around here but most of the places around here carry the "BIG BOYS" in the energy game but not much else.

Caffeine A Holic said...

Not many stores carry a bunch of the stuff I review. You can however check out
He has free shipping on orders over 20 bucks
Tell him I sent you

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