Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Primer Energy

On this site you have seen a bunch of unique products.  Today I am bringing you another one, a caffeinated breath spray.  Fresh breath and a healthy dose of caffeine inside every spray, sounds promising....

The Look:  I think Primer nailed the packaging on these.  Both flavors are done in a glossy black tube with bright lettering.  The cinnamon uses a red lettering and the peppermint has a blue color scheme. My only real gripe is that they need to list the caffeine amount on the package.  I looked around and found out there is 1400 mg of caffeine inside each container, wow.
(8.5 out of 10)

Taste:  The cinnamint one is done in with a very spicy cinnamon flavor.  I sprayed 3 squirts in my mouth and I had tears in my eyes from how hot it was.  The cinnamon flavor was good but the hotness from it was overwhelming.  I will say I wasn't able to taste any of the caffeine in it though.  The peppermint is much more mild and also did a good job of covering up the caffeine taste.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Each spray is roughly 33mg of caffeine. So depending on your need for fresh breath and your need for energy you can give yourself whatever dose you want.  The most I have tried so far was 5 sprays and I was pretty awake afterwards.  One of the neat things about Primer is how fast the caffeine goes into your bloodstream but unfortunately it also leaves pretty quick as well.  This is a neat product but I would of liked to see some B vitamins and other energy drink ingredients in it as well to help keep you going.
(8 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  Primer is a great concept.  You get an incredible amount of caffeine inside each tube that you can take pretty much anywhere.  If you want an instant caffeine rush then Primer performs well and it gives you amazingly fresh breath as well.  Will this replace my morning energy drink? Probably not but I will keep one with me for when I want a blast of fresh breath mixed with a nice little pick me up.  A big thanks goes out to for allowing me to try such a great product. Primer also has a website which you can check out as well.  This is would be a great product to bring on a date, bring to school, or bring anywhere you don't wanna carry around an energy drink.


Kiva said...

This stuff really takes your breath away. It think it actually created a vacuum inside my mouth.

Anonymous said...

WOW - You review is great! I just found it on the the east coast at price chopper of all places. We took the peppermint primer to the bar called the Hippodrome. That night a bunch of people we were spraying it into Vodka shots - It rocks. It goes well if your out for the night.

Spazbomb said...

Mine must be defective. I'm on my 10th pump in 30 min and I'm still tired as ever and the cinnamon has yet to be strong enough to burn. The only way I can get it to burn my mouth with cinnamon flavor is by sucking on the head of the thing. But with this high of a concentration I'm a little freaked about the dosage I might be getting. Does one pump put out a decent amount of liquid? How much does one pump of the cinnamon burn?

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