Saturday, July 24, 2010

V Blood

Capitalizing on the success of True Blood, another product has appeared on the shelves called V Blood Energy.  I was pretty excited when I ran across these and immeditaly purchased 3 of them.  Unfortunately my initial excitement was one of the few good things about this product.

The Look:  V Blood comes in very cool little glass vial.  On the front they have the name appearing vertically on the package.  On the back of the package there is a website listed and an address for the company.  The packaging is a bit eye catching and the glass vial is pretty cool to keep after you are done.  I think the packaging could of been done a bit nicer and it appears they just threw this product together.
(6 out of 10)

Taste:  There are so many cool thing they could of done with the taste on this.  They could of done a great tasting strawberry or a nice flavored cherry.  Unfortunately all that is inside this package is colored honey.  Sure honey taste great and all but if I want honey I will go buy some honey at the store (for a bunch cheaper).  Seriously the put honey inside a glass vial, watered it down just a bit, and died it red and decided to charge way to much for it.
(4 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Be warned there is about to be huge rant in this section.  If you are going to advertise your product with the word energy in it....then add something the make it so.  The only thing powering these is honey. You read that right!  No caffeine, no B vitamins, no taurine, etc.  I feel pretty cheated when a product is listed on the display as an "energy vial" and then I get nothing but honey inside a vial.  I got a very slight sugar buzz from the honey that last a whopping 10-15 minutes, then it was gone.  I can go splash water on my face and get woken up better than this product.  Shame on this company for not advertising the fact that there is no actual energy ingredients inside this.
(1 out of 10) Yes that is the lowest score I have ever given

Overall Thoughts:  I feel lied to.  This is a product that had potential and could of been a really cool product like Mana Energy Potion or something but instead it fails miserably.  I wasted 4 bucks (they were buy 2 get 1 free) on little vials of red honey.  I do not recommend this product unless you are a huge True Blood fan and want to throw 2 dollars out the window.

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SJ said...

wow, and they could have been so cool

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