Friday, August 27, 2010

.50 Cal Energy

I love new products that I have never heard of.  In a recent package from my good friend over at there was an energy shot called .50 Cal Energy.  The packaging has a very unique look and I am pretty happy to get the chance to review it.

The Look:  I understand what Hard8 was going for with the packaging, unfortunately in their quest to make it look like a bullet something didn't work out right.   The bottle itself is a 2.4 oz aluminum container that sports the words .50 Cal Energy on the front and has a graphic of a flag underneath it.  I actually really like the aluminum bottle, I think it looks really nice.  The problem for the container comes with the lid that is suppose to resemble the top of a bullet.  I won't really go into detail but I don't believe this quite looks like a bullet.  On the back there is nutritional information (with caffeine amount listed) and an ingredient list.
(7 out of 10) 

Taste:  The flavor is labeled as Pomegranate Blueberry with the phrase Warrior Blend underneath.  The shot has a great taste with no bitterness at all.  I really enjoyed the flavor and wished it was made into a drink instead of just a shot.
(9 out of 10) Great Taste

Does It Work:  .50 Cal Energy is one of the many products on the market that are starting to include an anti-oxidant blend (acai, goji berry, blueberry, grape seed extract, and pomegranate) along with an energy blend.  Even though the anti-oxidant blends don't really seem to add a bunch, they don't hurt either and are a welcome addition.  Also in the shot there are 4 different B vitamins, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, taurine, guarana, carnitine, and 120 mg of caffeine.  After taking down .50 Cal in about 2 gulps this morning I got a nice boost that is slightly above your average energy shot.  My energy boost lasted for about 3 hours and ended with no crash.
(7.5 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  .50 Cal Energy is a great energy shot.  It offers a fantastic flavor as well as a pretty decent energy boost.  I luckily have more flavors of energy shots from Hard8 and I look forward to trying them after the great taste of .50 Cal.

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