Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BioFuel Caffeine Infused Popcorn

Sometimes I think that I have heard of everything when it comes to caffeinated products.  Then a product like BioFuel caffeine infused popcorn comes along and proves me wrong.  Once I heard about it, I knew without a doubt I had to try it out.

The Look:  The company behind BioFuel is just starting out so it is no surprise that the packaging isn't fancy.  Then again it is popcorn, how fancy of a package does it really need to be?  The popcorn comes in a decent size plastic bag that contains approx 5 oz of popcorn.  The regular caffeine infused popcorn is a clear bag and the BioFuel XL (the more heavily caffeinated variety) bag is done in a see through red color.  There is a sticker on the front that has nutritional information as well as a caffeine warning.  Like I said earlier the company is newer so I think they did pretty good for the packaging at the moment.  The only suggestions I have are that the bag should be resealable (like a zip lock or something) and I wish that the caffeine amount was listed on the packaging.
(7.5 out of 10)  

Taste:  The flavor of this stuff is FANTASTIC.  There is some type of a glaze on the popcorn that adds just the right amount of sweetness.  Then there is also salt on each piece that combined with the sweet glaze taste amazing.  I brought some of this to work today to find out what my coworkers thought and they all wanted more of it.  Maybe it isn't a good idea to make something with caffeine taste so good.  This is something that you need to try for yourself just to see how tasty it is.
Side note:  I love the simple ingredient list that consist of sugar, light brown sugar, caffeine, canola oil, and salt.
(10 out of 10)

Does It Work:  The caffeine amount is not listed anywhere on the packaging.  On the website they claim that the regular BioFuel contains the caffeine equivalent to a strong cup of coffee.  I am guessing this is around the 100 mg mark for the regular version and about 200 mg of caffeine for the BioFuel XL.  Each serving (there are 4.5 servings per bag) has 7g of fat, 18 g of carbs (4 of which are sugar), 2 g of protein, and even 4% of your daily value of iron.  The first kind I tried was the regular and I ended up eating about half the bag before I made myself stop.  I got a pretty good alertness from it that was a very nice surprise considering I got it from eating delicious popcorn.  This morning I tried out the BioFuel XL and I ate about 1/3rd of the bag.  I got a very nice kick from it that actually replaced my morning energy drink.
(6 out of 10) BioFuel
(7.5 out of 10) BioFuel XL

Overall Thoughts:  This is a product that could of just relied on the concept alone to sell itself.  Instead the company made a product that taste excellent and actually works.  This is a great product for students to help stay awake while studying or for video gamers to stay up all night increasing the kill count.  I could also see this being an fantastc product for hikers, runners, and bikers to help keep your hunger satisfied while giving you that extra boost from caffeine.  Not only does this get the Caffeine A Holic seal of approval but it is also one of the more unique products I have ever tried.
On the website you can buy the regular BioFuel, the BioFuel XL, and even a decaffeinated version so that kids can have some too.

Official Website: http://www.biofuelfoods.com


Kiva said...

This stuff is sprinkled with crack! It's tha BOMB!

onlyson_84 said...

This stuff is legit, got some for free after I ordered some goods online and WOW!!! Tasted awesome.

I usually like to have it with an Eternal Energy shot (kind of like 5 hr energy, but better.) Might be a tad bit of overkill on caffeine but it works!!

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