Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rage Liquid Energy

Today's review is possible because of the wonderful folks at  They were nice enough to hook me up with a variety pack of all the Rage drinks.  I have reviewed several of the Rage drinks and so far they have all been a real treat.

The Look:  This can of Rage comes in a 16oz white can.  They went with a red, white, and black color scheme.  The colors really work well with each other.  On the front there is a giant red R in the center of the can along with the words "Rage Liquid Energy" in a smaller red font below it.  On the back they have nutritional information and caffeine warnings done in English and French. 
(8 out of 10)

Taste:  The flavor here seems to be more of a traditional flavor.  It has the classic energy drink flavor as the base.  This unfortunately has a bit of the same aftertaste that Rage Affliction had.  The aftertaste is not bad but it is noticeable.  Despite the aftertaste I still did not have a problem enjoying the entire can.
(7.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Rage has all the good stuff in it that gives it a kick that is above average.  Rage comes at you with 160 mg of caffeine, taurine, creatine, B vitamins, and some other great ingredients.  I got a good 3-4 hour energy rush from this that got me going until the afternoon with no crash.
(8 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  So far all the Rage drinks have been a great experience.  Rage Liquid Energy has a nicely designed can plus a nice buzz.  You can order these from for a great price and try them for yourself. 

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