Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SuperFly Energy Drink Tabs

From the warehouse of Kingofcaffeine.com, I received a product called Superfly.  Superfly is an energy drink tab that comes in 3 flavors that you just add to a glass of water and it becomes an instant energy drink (well not instant but quickly anyway).

The Look:  Superfly comes in a nice little metal cylinder.  Each container contains 6 tabs which will make 6 drinks.  All the packages are the same except for the lid is a different color according to flavor along with a few other color accents.   The packaging is very nice and manages to keep itself fairly uncluttered.  One of my only gripes about the packaging is the exact caffeine amount isn't listed but rather it is just included in the energy blend.  The top to the packaging is also pretty neat as it forms an air tight seal to keep the tabs fresh and dry.
(8.5 out of 10)

Taste:  All the flavors were very tasty.  One think that that I like about the tabs over energy powders is that the tabs usually mix themselves up very well and there are not pieces of powder floating in your drink.  All I did with these was threw a tab in a glass and put about 10 oz of water in the glass.  Within about 5 minutes the entire tab was gone and I was ready to drink.

 Fruit Punch:  This one puzzled me because as it fizzled it released a grapefruit smell.  The flavor is labeled as fruit punch so it made me scratch my head a bit.  After the drink was mixed up I took a drink and it had a very nice punch taste with no sign of grapefruit.  There was no bitterness and I found myself enjoying it quite a bit.
(8.5 out of 10)

 Orange Squeeze:  Orange Squeeze has a very nice light orange flavor to it.  I wish there was a bit more tartness to it but it still tasted pretty good.  This is more like a fake orange than the real think.
(8 out of 10)

 Citrus Kick: Much like the Orange Squeeze, Citrus Kick was very tasty but I wish it had more bite to it.  The flavor was good I was just hoping for more citrus.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work:  I had all three flavors on three separate days as soon as I got to work.  It took about 15 minutes and I started to slowly wake up from the energy blend inside each glass.  Powering each tab of Superfly there are 4 calories, riboflavin, nicain, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, taurine, guarana, l-carnitine, l-arginine, ginko, ginseng, and of course caffeine (undisclosed amount).  I was able to easily get past my usual morning slump and make it until lunch time from Superfly with no crash.
(8.5 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  Superfly energy tabs are a great product.  The taste is better than a bunch of energy drinks out there and the kick is above average.  Plus after you finish them all the container is pretty cool.  Over at kingofcaffeine.com you can pick up a tube of these for only 4 bucks (which is a steal considering there are 6 energy drinks worth in each one).  

Official Site: I could not find one anywhere


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