Monday, August 16, 2010

Texas Best Smokehouse Energy Drink

If you want some killer beef jerky then Texas Best Smokehouse is the place to go.  I stopped by there on a trip recently back from Dallas and spotted an energy drink that was Texas Best Smokehouse brand so I went ahead a purchased one out of curiosity.

The Look:  One thing that I think really looks cheap on an energy drink is a shrink wrapped label.  It just screams generic to me.  If I look past the shrink wrap the label isn't too bad.  The color is made to look like wood and then they have the Texas Best Smokehouse logo on the front.  On the back they have nutritional information and an ingredient list.
(6.5 out of 10)

Taste:  Usually shrink wrapped cans are Red Bull clones or Monster clones so I was really crossing my fingers that this wasn't the case on this drink.  Upon first drink I quickly was able to leave my concerns behind.  Texas Best Smokehouse Energy Drink has a very nice raspberry flavor that is pretty tasty and a pleasant surprise.  The flavor was a bit too sweet for me and a little syrupy but it is better than a bunch of other drinks I have had.  There is no bad aftertaste to this drink and a mild amount of carbonation.
(7.5 out of 10) Wahoo no Red Bull clone

Does It Work:  Sadly enough this drink didn't do anything for me.  There are only 104 mg of caffeine in the entire 16 oz can which is very weak in today's energy drink market.  On top of that you get almost 60g of sugar, some B vitamins, taurine, niacin, inositol, and a couple other things.  I got maybe a two and a half hour buzz out of this drink with a crash involved (a crash at 10 am is not fun BTW).  Luckily I had some other energy products in my desk drawer so I was able to get through the morning without to much of a problem.
(6 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  There is a reason that Texas Best Smokehouse is named such and not Texas Best Energy Drink.  For 2 dollars I am going to have to suggest you pass on this drink if you run across it and spend that 2 dollars on some other drink.  The one positive I will say about the drink is that the taste was slightly above average.

Official Site: (This is the company that produces the drink for Texas Best Smokehouse and quite a few other places)


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