Sunday, September 19, 2010

5150 Semi-Sweetened

The crazy folks that brought us 5150 Energy are back with 5150 semi-sweetened.  The formula has changed to add a slight amount of sweetness and the caffeine dose has been increased greatly.  The original had 500 mg of caffeine which was an insane amount for such a small bottle.  Well 5150 Semi-Sweet comes at us with 1800 mg of caffeine (that is not a typo) so this is some serious stuff.

The Look:  The first thing you will notice is the packaging has changed.  I like how 5150 stay true to the packaging and it looks like something you would buy out of a back alley somewhere from someone's trunk.  I was fond of the original packaging and I actually like the new packaging as well.  The color scheme is just two colors:  highlighter yellow and black lettering.  There are instructions on the bottle, the caffeine content is listed, and they even put warnings (which is a must when there is this quantity of caffeine inside).  For those interested of why 5150 uses such simple packaging the answer is simple:  it cuts the cost drastically, which is great for the consumer.
(8 out of 10)

Taste:  5150 semi-sweet takes the taste of whatever you add it to just like the original.  The only difference is there is a bit of sweetness.  In most drinks you will not notice it such as : orange juice, soda, and Gatorade.  If you add it to water, milk, or anything else that is not usually sweet then you will most likely notice the taste.
(8.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  The ingredient list is fairly simple.  They use caffeine (1800 mg per bottle) as well as multiple B vitamins.  Each capful is about 75 mg of caffeine.  Depending on your caffeine tolerance you add as many capfuls as you thank you can handle.  I personally find 3 caps of 5150 to be the magic number and it gets me going without being over caffeinated.  I have tried 4 caps before and it was pretty intense.  Just like the original 5150, 5150 semi-sweet easily gets a 10.  Honestly with the amount of caffeine inside I should give it an 11 but I will cap it at a 10.
(10 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  This stuff is fantastic.  Those times when you don't want an energy drink you can just add a few caps of this to whatever you are drinking and create your own energy drink. If you decide to try this, I highly advice you to use caution because 1800 mg of caffeine is enough to do some harm.  This is a product that needs to be in every caffeine enthusiasts arsenal!

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Funky Home Finds said...

Sounds dangerous!

Also sounds like something I'd like to try!!!

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