Thursday, September 9, 2010

Everyday Energy Shot

Everyday Energy Shot is a powder that you mix with water to form an energy shot.  The idea is pretty solid, they cut out the fancy packaging and offer you the shot in a bulk powder form in order to save you some serious money.

The Look:  In the mail I received a reusable plastic container for mixing the shots and about 3 shots worth of powder.  The container is clear plastic with the words Everyday Energy Shots across the front.  Nothing fancy but then again the whole idea of the product is to keep everything simple to lower cost.  The bottle is fairly thick and very easy to wash out.  

Taste:  I was pretty excited about trying this because the envelope the powder was in smelled awesome.  The smell had a very nice vanilla scent that reminded me of a cake.  I filled up the little plastic bottle with water and shook it up until all the powder dissolved.  The shot still smelled fantastic so I took my first drink.  The drink has a weird orange taste mixed with a vanilla.  Something about the flavor just didn't appeal to me.  I tried one again the next morning but this time I used less powder than the first time.  This watered down the flavor a bit more and made it a bit more palatable but it still wasn't enjoyable.  So I decided to give it one more chance and added extra powder for my final attempt.  The last one I made was to the point where I didn't finish it and ended up throwing it out.  I love the concept behind this but I feel the taste still needs to be worked on a bit.
(5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Everyday Energy has a good mix of ingredients inside consisting of 4 different B vitamins, taurine, ginseng, 75 mg of caffeine, ginko,  l-argenine, and l-glutamine.  Along with the usual energy ingredients they have a fairly unique focus formula as well.  The kick I got from Everyday Energy was about average and lasted approx 3 hours with no crash.
(7 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  I think the concept is fantastic for the product.  The ability to have an energy shot anywhere that water is available and for a fraction of the cost of traditional energy shots.  Hopefully the company will work on the flavor a bit because it has a ways to go. 


JoshT said...

Nice review! Could you also mix the powder with orange juice to improve the taste?

Anonymous said...

This is an older review. The product has been changed flavor wise and now comes in a really good Lemon Lime flavor.

Caffeine A Holic said...

Thank you for letting me know there is a new flavor out. If I run across it, I will make sure to update my review.

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