Sunday, October 10, 2010

Code Blue Recovery Drink

Today I will be reviewing a product that is not an energy drink.  As well as energy drinks I am also a big fan of relaxation drinks and functional drinks.  Code Blue falls in the that latter category.  Code Blue states on the can the it is
"The world's first complete recovery drink designed by beverage scientists to revive your body.  Code Blue's powerful all natural ingredients allow you to feel better faster by helping the body combat dehydration, replenish vital nutrients, remove harmful toxins and reduce inflammation."
So I tried Code Blue out after several stressful situations and I tried it out after drinking heavily the night before.  Let's see how Code Blue does in the reviews.

The Look:  Code Blue comes in mostly silver can with some blue thrown in on the front. On the front they have the words code blue with the color of the font different depending on the background.  The all natural aspect of the drink is mentioned on the front as well as it having no caffeine and being low calorie.  On the back there is nutritional facts, an ingredient list, and a passage about the product.  The can is very clean looking.
(8 out of 10)

Taste:  I have had one recovery drink before and the taste was less than impressive.  When I opened the can I could smell the agave nectar and the prickly pear fruit extract.  Upon drinking I am greeted with the pear extract first with a bit of the agave.  The taste is very light on the pallet and quite refreshing.   The flavors here work very well together.
(8.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  The purpose of the drink is for recovering.  The first couple times I tried it I drank one after work (after all work can be quite stressful).  I sat down on the couch, turned on the TV, and cracked open a Code Blue.  Somewhere between the comfy couch, the soothing TV, and the delicious Code Blue my stress did seem to diminish for the most part.  For the next test I drank a Code Blue after a night of slamming down glass after glass of mixed drinks.  I woke up the next morning very dehydrated so I reached for a Code Blue. The lightness of the drink was very easy on my stomach and really seemed to hydrate me well.  After finishing the drink and cooking some breakfast I was back to my self.
Each can of code blue comes with 60 calories, 375 mg of sodium, 270 mg of potassium, 15g of carbs (about 13 from sugar), 3 different B vitamins, a generous helping of vitamin C, a small dose of vitamin E, and selenium.  The drink is also loaded with antioxidants to help detoxify and prickly pear fruit extract which is suppose to reduce inflammation.
I don't really have a grade to give the drink but I will answer the initial question: Does It Work?
YES, it works

Overall Thoughts:  Code Blue has restored my faith that recovery drinks can work and taste good.  You can pick up a 12 pack for under $20.  If you are looking for a tasting drink to help you recover then try a Code Blue and let me know your thoughts.

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Jayme said...

Code Blue definitely works! I am now addicted to it, and can't go a day without my Code Blue!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, dont know about this one, but tried Rebootizer detox shaker, and it works wonder!!. It taste like a good cold tea , is all natural and almost nothing to or two ounces..really cool packaging too!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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