Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diablo Ice Energy Strips

Diablo Energy Strips are a neat product, all you do is put one on your tongue and wait.  Yup just like LSD but these are legal and you can even take them at work.  Let's see how Diablo does in the reviews.

The Look:  Diablo is double sealed.  The main package is a tear away foil package which is nice because you know the product is going to be fresh. On the foil package they did a great job of including all the necessary information.  The logo in the middle pops out very nicely among the black background and the font they use is very clean looking.  On the back of the package there are directions for use, ingredients, nutritional facts, and a website listed.  Once you open the foil package there is a small hard plastic container that has 18 Diablo strips inside.  You just open the little lid at the bottom and slide one out.  They didn't have room to put all the nutritional information on the tiny container so they kept it very minimal with a logo, directions, and a warning.  
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  Once you put one on your tongue there is a very light mint flavoring.  The strips will slowly dissolve within about 30 seconds and the mint lingers around for about 5 minutes.  Surprisingly there is absolutely no aftertaste from the guarana (caffeine source).  
(8.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Each strip is loaded with over 100 mg of guarana which provides roughly 25mg of caffeine per strip. One of them did not do that much for me so I went ahead and tried out 4 of them over the course of about 15 minutes.  I was pleasantly surprised at the buzz that the strips provided.  The biggest advantage of Diablo strips are that they get absorbed through your mouth and are able to work much more quickly than energy drinks or shots.  Four of these gave me a buzz that was a bit stronger than a Red Bull and kept me going for about 2-3 hours.  If you want a stronger buzz then dissolve more strips on your tongue and you will eventually find your energy "sweet spot".  Since there are calories and no sugar the pleasant buzz that was provided ended with no crash.
(8 out of 10) Based on 4 strips

Overall Thoughts:  As a college student I really appreciate the portability factor of these as well as the quickness that they work.  For only $2.50 I consider these a decent value as well.  Give Diablo Energy Strips a try and please let me know your thoughts.  

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Anonymous said...

Are these like those Sheets Energy Strips?

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