Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kronik Dragon Berry

It is back !!!  Kronik has decided to revive the Dragon Berry flavor.  I am personally excited about this because I love berry tasting energy drinks.  The protein has been dropped this time around and it is in the form of an all out energy drink.

The Look:  Kronik Dragon Berry comes in 2 varieties.  They have a full out energy drink loaded with sugar and they have a low carb version for those watching the calories.   
 Dragon Berry 
The regular Dragon Berry can is done in a very nice color scheme that really looks sharp.  The can is done in mostly black with white and red lettering.  On the front of the can they have the Kronik barbed wire graphic found on all their cans.  The colors they used on this can lead to an amazing can that is one of the nicer cans I have seen lately.  The "caution" they added towards the bottom of the can is a nice touch as well.  It reads: "Caution: This don't grow on trees"
(9.5 out of 10)
 Dragon Berry Low Carb
Like all the other low carb drinks that Kronik offers this one goes with the silver can.  The color scheme on this can is done in red and black lettering.  On the back near the nutritional information Kronik has a very entertaining passage involving algebra that really made me laugh.  The can has a very clean look to it and it all flows together nicely.
(8.5 out of 10)
*Side note:  Thank you Kronik for listing the caffeine content on the can.  I really wish more companies would start doing this*

Taste:  I wasn't lucky enough to get to try the original Dragon Berry flavor so I am not sure what to expect.  The first one I tried was the Dragon Berry Low Carb.  The flavor has a very nice strawberry flavoring to it with a slight amount of carbonation.  This is another low carb drink that does not taste low carb at all.  In fact the flavor is more intense and better tasting than many full sugared energy drinks on the market.  
(9 out of 10)
After the enjoyment I got from the low carb version I was pretty excited to try the sugared version the next day.  Sure enough I was not disappointed.  The flavoring is the same as the low carb version except the added sugar adds a touch more sweetness.  
(9 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Both varieties have all the good stuff you would expect from an energy drink.  Each drink is powered by 150 mg of caffeine, multiple B vitamins, vitamin C, 2000 mg of taurine,  guarana, ginseng, milk thistle extract, ginkgo, and a few others ingredients.  The low carb version clocks in at only 20 calories per can and just 6 grams of sugar.  The sugared version comes with 260 calories per can and 60 grams of sugar.  Both drinks provided me with a good 3-4 hour energy kick that did not include jitters or a crash afterwards.  
(8 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  I am glad that Kronik decided to bring back the Dragon Berry flavor.  If the original versions were anywhere near this good then I regret not having tried them.  The cans have some serious attitude to them in terms of looks, the taste is fantastic, and the kick is slightly above your average drink.  I highly suggest tracking down a can of Dragon Berry to try for yourself.  As always please let me know your thoughts or opinions either via email or in the comments section.

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