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Provita Energy + Protein

Provita Energy gives you the benefit of an energy shot combined with a massive amount of protein.  To be exact along with the nice energy blend there is an amazing 42 g of protein crammed inside each 2.9 oz shot.  Luckily I just started the gym again recently so I figured this would be a great time to try out Provita.

The Look:  Provita comes in a black 2.9 oz bottle with a black and red label on it.  On the label red and white are used on the font and it looks very nice in contrast with the background.   They have information such as : zero sugar, zero fat, zero crash, 6 hour energy, and 42 g of protein listed on the front of the shot.  On the back there is nutritional information (very big list), an ingredient list, and even directions.  I have 2 very minor complaints about the packaging.  The first complaint is that the caffeine content is not listed and the second is the safety seal attached to the cap won't completely detach  (making it a bit hard to reseal).
(8.5 out of 10)

Taste:  That much protein inside such a small shot has me worried a little bit.  I open it up and sure enough the smell of protein is pretty strong mixed with a candied cherry smell.  I am very surprised at how much they were able to mask the protein when I took my first drink of the shot.  The first thing I noticed was the thickness of the shot mixed with an extremely tart cherry.  The tartness of the cherry almost completely eliminates all the protein flavoring (very impressed).  Between the thickness of the shot and the extreme tartness I did need a chaser afterwards.  I have had protein drinks that tasted much worse than this and the drinks had only half the amount of protein.
(7.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  This is the first shot I have had that had protein along with the energy blend.  The first time I tried it I drank half of the bottle and then finished the other half an hour later.  Wow this stuff is potent.  I was filled with an extreme amount of energy and was ready to get some stuff done.  Surprisingly, even with the great amount of energy I had there was not any jitters at all.  The kick from this lasted easily about 5-6 hours with no crash.  If you take this before the gym prepare to be able to bust through your workout with ease.  So what powers Provita Energy?  Provita has 170 calories, 42 g of proteins, caffeine (undisclosed amount), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, multiple B vitamins, taurine, biotin, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, chromium, folic acid, pantothenic acid, and l-tryptophan.   As you can see Provita has a rather large ingredient list that work well together to kick your ass in gear.
(9 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  Provita came through in a huge way with this shot.  The protein amount is massive and will be appreciated by the target audience easily. Along with the killer amount of protein the energy blend is top notch and is not to be taken lightly.  Provita also makes 3 other variety of shots that all include 42g of protein:  a relaxing shot, a slimming shot, and one crammed with vitamins. I will be reviewing the relaxation shot in there future so look out for it.  This is a shot that easily gets my recommendation and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.  If you are looking for a way to "Mandrate" with a shot, this will get it done.

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Mayor Zac Pritcher said...

Ugh, I would hate that. Protein is awful, and cherry-flavored things bring back repressed memories of my parents force-feeding me cough syrup.


That's also a ridiculous amount of protein. Like, more than anyone needs. No matter how hard they work out.

James Canady said...

Eh, i think saying that it's more protein than anyone needs is a bit of a stretch. Especially for a competing body builder. One downside that i see to taking it pre-workout is its lack of carbohydrates, which could cause a problem, depending.

How about the sugar content? Is there any? If there is, I'm sure that there's enough to completely reverse the vitamin and protein benefits due to catabolic states that it would bring about. If not, wow. I just may have to try my first energy drink/shot.

James Canady said...

Oh, how much of an idiot i am sometimes. I somehow missed the part where you stated that it has zero sugar hahaha. I'm going to check out what else is put into it and i may have just hit a goldmine!

James Canady said...

Yeah dude, i really think that i'm about to lose my energy shot v-card to this stuff. Its even got casein protein in it. The only unsettling thing is the cyanocobalamin (cyanide bound with a b vitamin). But hey, it's in all of the mainstream multivitamins anyways haha. Thumbs up on the review man!

Anonymous said...

Great review of an interesting product. Thanks for continuing to get quality info out on these items.

What's this talk in the comment above about sugar bringing on 'a catabolic state'...? Unless that sugar is laced with cortisol, I don't see how you're going to go catabolic with 42g of protein. School me on this - any research you can point to?

James Canady said...

First off 'anonymous' (very manly of you by the way- if you are in fact one), you're a douche for attacking someone that meant no harm by any means over the internet. I would guess that it's a way for you to feel above anyone and accomplished, you sad, sad soul. I've learned plenty about you already by your short, arrogant driven comment. Is it really that hard for you to respond with a simple comment disproving mine? Or are you completely lacking in tact? You showed some towards the writer. I'm picking up some sort of biasing from you here, possibly; which would actually be better, as you would then have reason to speak the way that you did, even though it would be unjustified. Or maybe you're just an asshole for no reason. I don't care to find out, honestly.

Next, i apologize to the writer of this blog, as i'm sure that they don't want any comments of this nature, as i do respect you and especially this blog (loved it from the start). I came back hoping for some feedback from him/her, but unfortunately was introduced to this dude's idiocy. And i'm sorry, but you don't get respect by giving disrespect. So i'll leave with this comment and won't return to what you obviously want to turn into an iargument, because you clearly seem to think of yourself as some sort of god from your line 'school me on this' (i just laughed very hardly out loud while vomiting a tad at the same time).

Do you have any idea how much sugar is usually packed into an energy drink? Laced with cortisol or not. Sugar even increases cortisol levels man. What about the caffeine that could be and probably is laced within them as well? You must know its effects on cortisol as well, as well as everything's effects on cortisol. Your body is already put into a catabolic state when you work out. So you're telling me that adding tons of sugar (refined sugar, or even worse at that) is a proper pre workout meal? Plain and simple, without knowing someones routine, body type, or normal diet? On top of all of that protein? Joke; on SO many levels. If you're as intelligent as your arrogance claims to be, you would understand this completely. So yes, maybe it works to a degree, but it does not put you at maximum potential for repairing and fueling your body. You just gave some terrible advice buddy. You'll break a lot of hearts doing that.

There's plenty of evidence. It's all over something that we like to call Google, dumbass.

So there you go: Schooled, and i hardly even got started :]

Now bring on the comments. You know, the ones where you do whatever you can to disprove me, and once again, make yourself feel better. It's entirely okay, I won't be coming back to see them :]

James Canady said...

I actually disproved you horribly, but i'm pretty sure that the writer of this blog removed it. If you read it, you'd understand why :]

Good job on the reviews man. I'm a constant follower!

Caffeine A Holic said...

Some how the spam detector picked up your last comment. I marked it as not spam. Carry on

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I hate when someone has a tiny bit of knowledge on a subject and likes to come across as an expert. I suggest you do a little more research James, as a lot of your "facts" are simply myths/ superstitions in the world of bodybuilding, with no legit research to back them up. To make matters worse, you came out with all kinds of insults and attacks at the original anonymous poster, even though all he did was ask you a question and for some proof to back up your answers. Bravo, I hope you feel like a real winner.

To the article writer, thanks for the great summary of this product. I am very much interested in a high protein source in an easily transportable package. This seems to fit that need. Just out of curiosity, what is the shelf life like on this? More protein sources aren't known for having super long best before dates.

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