Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12 Gauge Energy Contest

Calling all readers.

12 Gauge Energy in conjunction with wants to hear from you.  Come up with the best tagline ( or slogan), tell the best 12 Gauge Story, ETC.  Get creative in your submissions.

Leave your submission on this post and I will make sure that the folks at 12 Gauge Energy get it.  (please included your email address so they can contact you if you win).
You might be asking yourself, what's in it for you?  Glad you asked.  Well if your submission is picked, 12 Gauge Energy is going to hook you up with a serious prize package (I am actually jealous of it).  Here is what is included:

-  A Fully Loaded 12 Gauge Energy Shot Ammo Belt (pictured above)
-  Temporary Tattoos 
-  A Large 12 Gauge Energy T-Shirt
-  The glory of having your tagline used in future marketing campaign(s)

Let me tell you from experience these shots are awesome as either a straight up energy shot or even as a mixer. Here is my review if you are interested:

Now you know the contest and you know the prize package, let's see those creative minds at work.
The deadline for this contest is 12/17/10.

Official Website:   (use coupon code caffeineguy1 to receive 5 dollars off your order).


Katie said...

12 gauge. A shotgun of energy right to the chest.

DanWins said...

Hmmmmm, going to have to think a little on this one.

If you smell Rubber burning in your part of Texas it is prob. me thinking here in El Paso.


Nora said...

Set Your Sights On A Great Night - 12 Gauge Energy

That's all I can come up with for a slogan right now!

Anonymous said...

Lock and Load.
Take aim and Fire.


I, Dylan Davis, made the previous comment of take aim and fire and what not.

Crystal said...

12 Gauge Energy A Perfect Shot Every Time

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

Any other energy shot is only a 9 mm. Choose 12 Gauge for a shot with real power.

Anonymous said...

Fully Loaded
nrg222 on twitter

Anonymous said...

Fully Loaded
nrg222 on twitter

Anonymous said...

A few more (Some of these could be applied with each other, but all could be independent):
Grab a bandolier, you'll be ready for anything that might come at you. (Substiute " to battle against the zombie apocalypse online", perhaps similar video game references?)

Shoot your fatigue away with just one 12 Gauge Energy Shot.

A few reasons to give 12 Gauge Energy Shots a shot: (Insert descriptions here.)

Whether you live in New York City or Timbuctoo, watch action movies or play first person shooters online, or shoot a rifle or shotgun, you'll find the energy boost from 12 Gauge enough-and some- to keep you at your peak while doing things you love to do. Give 12 Gauge a shot! (Pun intended.)

I already made one slogan, my info again is
Hope these look cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

Anonymous said...

Chook Chook Boom!!!

 Big Red Boots said...

Down a barrel of the 12 Gauge!
12 Gauge: 3000 ftlbs Kinetic Energy.
meh. Ill keep working on it.

adolf_hilfiger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
adolf_hilfiger said...

Put a 12 Gauge in your mouth, and tell your brain "It's time to wake up!"

Beau said...

Get your 12 Gauge... we've got Morning Zombies! said...

Unload on fatigue with a blast of 12 gauge energy.

Anonymous said...

Coke is for sissies, kick as and add 12 gauge

shiloh said...

I would have to wear this like the Mexican bandits, strung across my chest and close to my heart.

Teegan Briggs said...

Take a shot to the head.

Lyudmila said...

12 Gauge. Take the energy from a full day!
Lusizova at

Missybeez said...

Take your Best Shot and get Blown Away!......12 Gauge Energy

susansmoaks said...

energy on the go, like an ak47, straight to the heart
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

Gianna said...

12 gauge.. the only energy ammunition you'll ever need.

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