Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caffeine A Holic 2010 Awards

2010 was the beginning of  In that time frame I reviewed around 200 different products and made my thoughts on each available through this website.  Some of these products were truly some of the best caffeinated items that I have ever tried.  So to honor certain products and companies, I present you with the 2010 Awards.

The first thing you notice about a product before you ever try it is the packaging.  So I figure my first award will be for best packaging.  If a product has a kick ass packaging, I think it really helps it to stand out in the overcrowded energy market.  In the end there was one product that caught my eye the moment I saw it.  Which is why I award the best packaging of 2010 to Zombie Blood.

Moving along.  The second award I will be presenting belongs to the most unique product.  Caffeine is becoming available in all kinds different forms.  I have reviewed caffeinated mints, caffeinated snuff, caffeinated beef jerky, and many other crazy items.  The one product that just really amazed me, not only had a great concept but it also had perfect execution.  The award for Most Unique Product of 2010 goes to BioFuel Caffeinated Popcorn.

When energy drinks first came out, good taste was not associated with them.  Since then many companies have figured out how to make energy drinks taste so good you want to drink it just for the taste.  This was another tough category to pick a winner but in the end I was able to decide on one.  The winner for 2010 Best Tasting Energy Drink goes to Crunk Mango Peach.

Energy drinks might be everywhere but energy shots are also sold in most places.  In 2010 I got to try many energy shots and was impressed by most.  The award for the 2010 Best Energy Shot goes to Bazi.
Many companies introduced new products last year.  One company in particular releases some of the coolest products time after time.  For that I decided to award Harcos Labs for the 2010 Most Innovative Company.  From Zombie Blood, to Nuclear Energy Powder, to Energy Love Potions, Harcos Labs goes out of their way to introduce some of the coolest caffeinated products in the world.
Energy drinks are great but they are not always practical.  Sometimes you don't want to drink 16 oz or more of liquid and you can't carry energy shots easily in your pocket.  I want to award Encaff Energy Stix with the 2010 Most Convenient award.
Taste is important and so is packaging.  In the end we drink energy drinks or use energy products because we want something that works.  The award for 2010 Most Powerful goes to 5150 Energy.  Yeah 500 mg of caffeine added to whatever you want, you are going to feel it.
Sometimes you want all the energy but you don't want the sugar.  Luckily Xyience makes sugar free drinks that don't even taste sugar free.  This is why I am awarding Xyience the 2010 Best Sugar Free award.

The final award goes to the company that managed to make a drink that did great in all categories.  They had to have a great packaging, a fantastic taste, and they had to work.  After deciding between a few companies, I decided to award the 2010 Best Overall award to Crunk Energy Drink.  They have the look, the taste, a great slogan, and they work.

I want to congratulate every company that won.  It wasn't easy on some of the choices but these are the products I truly believe to be the best in certain areas.  If you agree or even if you disagree let me know your thoughts below.

(These are the opinions of  Each award was awarded to what I believe was the best product in each category.  You might not agree but that is why it is called an opinion.)


Imelda Duclcich said...

Interesting. I don't drink the energy things (other than a pot of Joe every morning) but my son in college tells me he takes the 5 hour shot when he's exhausted. He was remarking that he wondered years from now some study will come out that tells kids they ruined their health with them....

Caffeine A Holic said...

5 Hour Energy shots are pretty good. I think they have the Red Bull thing going on because of advertising. I think 5 Hour Energy shots are good but I believe there are many other shots that are better. Unfortunately they don't have the advertising the big companies like 5 Hour Energy and Red Bull have.

Raphael said...

I think the Ed Hardy Energy Mints are way cool. They taste great and pack some real kick. You should try some.

Caffeine A Holic said...

@Raphael I have tried and reviewed the Ed Hardy Mints. The very tasty and performed nicely.

beckytag said...

I have to agree...Ugh to 5-hour energy...tastes like, well, I don't even know what. Tried it once....horrible w/ no real visible results. But thanks to your site I have some new ones on my list to try out.

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