Sunday, January 30, 2011

Security Feel Better

I have started to notice more and more anti-hangover products popping up everywhere. I stumbled upon a product called Security Feel Better that has apparently been around for more than a decade now.  I have attempted to try this out for a while now but usually end up getting to drunk on the weekends and completely forget about taking it.  Luckily this past weekend after a finishing a liter of Jagermeister with my girlfriend I remembered to take the shot before I fell asleep.

The Look:  One thing I absolutely love is a when a company uses glass for the container of their shot or drink.  Something about glass just puts it a step above cans in terms of packaging.  Security Feel Better comes in a glass  30 ml shot (about 1 oz).  The shot sticks with a very minimalist approach with just a small label around the bottle that just list the necessities.  On the front of the label they have the product name done in a white and yellow font that looks great against the black background.  Turning it around there is an ingredient list, a website, and a physical address for the company.  My only complaint about the packaging is there are no directions listed on the bottle itself.
(8.5 out of 10) 

Taste:  This is the third anti-hangover product I have reviewed so far and they are 50/50 in the taste department.  For the review I made sure to sip my first taste so I could get a good idea of exactly what the taste was.  The best way to describe this taste is a pear flavor with a bit of sour apple mixed in it.  The initial taste is easily the best tasting anti-hangover shot I have had to date now.  There is a very slight aftertaste to the product but it diminished very quickly.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work:  Security Feel Better uses a combination of different plants to help speed up your digestion thus leaving you feeling much better in the morning.  So I guess the best question to ask here is simple, did I wake up with a hangover after drinking enough liquor to put a normal man down?  The answer is no.  I did wake up a bit dehydrated but I had no signs of a hangover after drinking down this shot before I went to bed.  For optimal results I would take this shot with a glass of water to eliminate being dehydrated the next day.

Overall Thoughts:  Security Feel Better is hands down the tastiest anti-hangover shot I have had the pleasure of reviewing.  The packaging is top notch and the bottom line is it does work.  If you are known to partake a little too heavy in the partying and usually suffer the next day, you should give this shot a try.  As always I love to hear your thoughts via either email or the comments section.

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beckytag said...

Where are these sold? I've only ever tried Chasers for "hangover prevention". While they're good, you have to remember to take a couple after every few drinks or every couple of hours.

Caffeine A Holic said...

I know you can order them directly from the website. It looks like they are distributed out of Miami, Florida.

Conrad said...

This was a great review and I couldn't agree more! Bought security in a Liquor store in Pennsylvania, and my friend bought it online after me... Said he got it pretty fast
Love it.

Anonymous said...

Great product!!!

Security Feel Better Team said...

Bryan, first we would like to thank you for the review! Every day Security Feel Better is gaining more followers in US, after 15 years international success in Europe, Asia, Latin America.

Regarding points of sale, here is where you can buy Security Feel Better:
1 - Website
2 - Amazon
3 - Liquor stores/Restaurants in GA, PA, TN, FL
and more states coming up soon...

Anonymous said...

nothing like waking up without a hangover. i'd love to buy some i go to school in state college, pa. doubt they'd have it here

Anonymous said...

Its already in state college. Try the clubs or convenience mart

Anonymous said...

i have brutal hangovers and i stopped drinking all that much over the last few years. ever since security. isn't that a good thing??

Anonymous said...

$10.99 for two bottles? Hell no, just don't drink so much!

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