Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feel Good 7 Energy

Using Twitter has allowed me to find out about many different new energy products hitting the market.  Recently I got a follow from a company called Feel Good 7, that claims to be one of the best tasting energy shots out there.  After exchanging a few emails with the company, they were nice enough to send me a few samples of not only their energy blend but also their sleep and anti hangover blend (those 2 reviews will be coming soon).

The Look:  Feel Good 7 Energy comes in a nicely shrink wrapped black and red wrapper.  The bottle is the standard 2 oz shot that is found on most energy shots.  My only complaint about the packaging is that the caffeine content is hidden inside the energy blend like many other shots on the market.  Overall the package doesn't bring anything new to the table but it still looks very slick and professional.
(8 out of 10)

Taste:  The company put a bunch of emphasis on the taste of this shot.  They mention it being the tastiest shot out there and that in a blind taste test 9 out of 10 people preferred it over leading shots.  The flavor is an enhanced version of the traditional berry flavoring used in many of the shots on the market.  Honestly I can't argue with them about it tasting better than most of the shots on the market.  Feel Good 7 did a great job on refining the flavor of the berry and eliminating almost all of the bitterness.  Is it the best tasting shot I have ever had?  Unfortunately no, but it is still a damn good shot that is better than the majority.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work:  The energy blend of Feel Good 7 rivals that of 5 Hour Energy and similar shots with the addition of green tea extract.  All the good stuff is in the shot including large amounts of B vitamins, 15 mg of potassium, taurine, an undisclosed amount of caffeine, only 5 calories, and 0 grams of sugar.  After slamming down the shot I started to feel my energy levels increase in about 10-15 minutes.  The kick lasted for about 3-4 hours and there was no crash involved.
(8 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  Really I have no complaints with Feel Good 7 Energy at all.  The taste is good, the look is professional, and it is a bit above others in terms of kick.  If I had my choice between a Feel Good 7 shot or a 5 Hour Energy shot, I would easily choose the Feel Good 7 shot.  Look for the review of the sleep formula and the anti-hangover formula in the upcoming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I have personally met some of the people involved in this company and not only do they have a very professional and genuine attitude but they bring a product to the table that tastes amazing, works and leaves you feeling energized an ready. Who knows what other awesome products they will come up with next.

Anonymous said...


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