Thursday, April 21, 2011

Caffeinated Waffles?

In a hurry?  Well why not grab breakfast and ditch the coffee.  Wired Waffles come packed with 200 mg of caffeine per waffle (WOW!).  Each waffle is individually packaged and can be eaten without syrup or flavoring if wanted because of the caramelized pearl sugar that is cooked in.  Look for gourmet Wired Waffles to be popping up around June.

Official Website:


The Anything Place said...

Wow those waffles will for sure get you wired :D

Energy Drink said...

Everyone would like to know me to, which is the best Energy Drink I had a tasted of cloud9, red bull, energy drink, but still confused to make out who is best among these?

Roger said...

These babies are for sale on Amazon!!

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