Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lazy Cakes

You look kind of stressed out.  Maybe a "special" brownie will help relax you a bit.  Lazy Cakes are "special" brownies that are made to help relax you and best of all they are completely legal.  Yup all the fun of magic brownies without the legal troubles.

The Look:  Lazy Cakes come packaged individually wrapped in 2 oz portions.  On the front there is a picture of a brownie that is chilling against the Lazy Cakes logo.  The brownie kind of reminds me of Towelie from Southpark for reason.  Everything from the color scheme, to the font used, to the relaxed brownie guy on the front really help the packaging stick out.  Turning it around there is nutritional information as well as warnings about keeping out of reach of children.  They also have "brownie points" on each package that you can save up and trade in for cool Lazy Cakes gear.
(9 out of 10)

Taste:  Lazy Cakes taste like...you guessed it, brownies.  The outer part of the brownie has a nice hardness to it that surrounds a softer center.  The packaging says there are 2 servings per package but I ate both serving very easily because of the great taste.  The only criticism I have is that I wish the brownies were a bit more moist inside.
(8.5 out of 10)

Does It Work:  I ate the entire brownie (2 servings) in just a few minutes.  Within about 10 minutes I felt very relaxed.  This is a different type of feeling than the relaxation drinks on the market.  I felt almost sedated and just zoned out watching TV for a few hours.  The effects from the brownie lasted about 2-3 hours and I went to sleep almost immediately afterwards.
Each Lazy Cake uses 4 mg of melatonin (per serving) to cause the relaxing "buzz".  Along with the melatonin each serving contains 165 calories, 7.5 g of far, 25 mg of cholesterol, 21 g of carbs, and less than 2 g of protein.
(9 out of 10) This rating is for both servings

Overall Thoughts:  These special tasty brownies are definitely a product worth checking out.   You will feel a huge decrease in stress as well as becoming overly relaxed after consumption.  I know a bunch of gas stations are starting to carry these and you can also buy them online (looks like they run about 3 bucks each).   If you have get the chance to try them or have already tried them, please let me know yours thoughts on Lazy Cakes.

Official Website: http://www.mylazycakes.com/


conniedaly31 said...

Love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Avery Hage said...

Dude seriously, 8 mgs of Melatonin for the whole thing? That's like 2-3 times the standard amount. Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of the page...Have you tried those energy strips called Sheets yet? I can't find them anywhere!

Caffeine A Holic said...

I had never heard of Sheets until you mentioned them. They look nice and I will try and get some to check out. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Lazy Cakes are weak compared to Sippin Syrup's 1/2 baked Brownzzz. 4mg of Melatonin? Weak. Eat one of the Sippin Syrup brownies (that are HUGE and taste a LOT better) and it's lights out in 45 minutes. Love them!

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