Thursday, February 23, 2012


Social networking is at an all time high, so you can bet that any chance to capitalize on that will be taken.  I recently got the chance to try out a new energy shot called Facedrink.  Let's see if Facedrink can stand on it's own or if Facedrink is just trying to make a quick buck off of Facebook.

The Look:  The first thing that attracted me to Facedrink was the great packaging.  The packaging is done in a very nice blue color shrink wrap hat I would refer to as a "Facebook" blue color.  On the front they have the name of the product and a little image that says "Add as Friend" .  On the back there is nothing special, just the usual nutritional facts and ingredient list.  My only real gripe is that I would  like to see the caffeine content listed.  Overall I really like the packaging and I think it really manages to stand out in the crowded energy shot market.
(9 out of 10)

Taste: When I first opened the shot, I got a fruity smell that is reminiscent of many of the more popular energy shots on the market.  Taking a sip, I am very happy to report that even though it smelled much like other shots, it was a much improved version.  Facedrink has a nice berry flavor and there was  no after taste.  I enjoyed the flavor much more than many of the more popular shots on the market.
(8 out of 10)

Does It Work: Powering each Facedrink energy shot there are 4 calories, 48 mg of sodium, 250% Vitamin C, 8300% B12, and 100% of your daily value of Folic Acid.  On top of that there is an energy blend consisting of an undisclosed amount of caffeine(I later found to be 140 mg), green tea, and guarana.
After slamming down the shot, I started to feel the energy blend within the usual 15-10 minutes.  The energy was nothing intense but it was equivalent to slamming down a good quality energy drink.  The kick lasted about 3 hours and ended with no crash.
(8 out of 10)

Overall Thoughts:  I am happy to report that this energy shot is more than just a gimmick like I had originally thought.  You get a good flavor, an awesome packaging, and a nice kick.  This is also one of the few containers that I kept afterwards, just because I loved the packaging (it is proudly sitting on my desk at my office).   If you run across one of these shots, I can easily recommend picking it up.

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Everyview said...

I lold when I saw this. That's a super awesome container.

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