Monster Energy Zero Ultra

Monster Energy Zero Ultra

Many of the big-name players in energy drinks have some new flavors on the horizon.  One of the most notable is Monster Energy.  

They are coming to the table with 2 new drinks:

  • Monster Energy Zero Ultra
  • Monster Energy Cuba Lima

 Today I will be taking on Monster Energy Zero Ultra

Monster Energy Zero Ultra
Monster Energy Zero Ultra

The Look

(9.5 out of 10) 

First off let me say, I seriously love this new can.  The white can stands out very nicely on the shelf and the textured can feels great in your hand.  This is possibly one of the best looking energy drink cans I have had.

You have the usual Monster passage on the back explaining their reasoning behind creating Monster Energy Zero Ultra and the supplement facts beside that.

The only gripe I have about the can is the fact that Monster still hides the caffeine content in their “energy blend”. 


(10 out of 10)

Upon opening the can, I got a nice citrus scent that filled the air.  It reminded me of drinking Fresca when I was younger.

The flavor to me is a mix between Sprite Zero and Fresca.  I found the flavor to be very refreshing and quite thirst to quench.

The light carbonation along with the light flavor, have made this one of my new favorite “go to” energy drinks.

I was very happy to see Monster stray away from the traditional energy drink flavor on this one. 

Does It Work

(8 out of 10)

If you have ever had a Monster Energy Drink you know what kind of energy to expect.  Monster Zero Ultra is really no exception.

Each can is powered by 0 calories, several B vitamins, and a dose of a Monster Energy Blend.

After finishing the can I got a nice clean energy boost that lasted the usual 3-4 hours with no crash. 

Overall Thoughts

Monster Energy Zero Ultra is a home run in my opinion. They have created a great tasting 0 calorie drink with fantastic packaging and a nice kick.

If you are a fan of Monster and/or a fan of citrus drinks this is a must try the drink.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the same enthusiasm for the new Monster Cuba Lima (review soon)…….

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